Irresistible Invitations

Irresistible Invitations

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On the day of her marriage, Juliette Swanson's fiance was shot and she was abducted by her abductor and was forcefully married off to her abductor. On this ride, she gets to know that her abductor lives two lives. One as a successful businessman and when it turns dark, he is a mafia don, and into illegal weapons. Juliette's life turns darker as she continues hating her forceful husband who keeps her isolated from everyone but she is confused as she never abused or harmed under Zachary her now-husband. Soon, she finds the truth of her ex-fiance and gets to know that he was also a criminal linked with Zachary's past and her own family played with her and played a major role in her abduction. In this love-hate relation, Juliette gets to see new faces of people whom she thought were her saviors and as she gets closer to her husband she sees more than just his dark side. There is more to just hatred in this love and hate relationship. Find out what happens when Juliette marries a mafia don but ends up knowing more of him.