chapter 4 Is he from Earth?

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Trouble coming so soon?

Frank Fang frowned slightly, and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Hehe, let's talk about it after we go out, the influence here is not good."David He said with a slightly threatening smile on his face.

Frank Fang didn't say anything more, but nodded.

Afterwards, Frank Fang followed David He and the others to the corner of the stairs.

Standing beside David He were four boys, all of whom were his younger brothers who usually hung out with him.

Five people surrounded Frank Fang.

David He stood in front of Frank Fang and asked in a condescending tone: "Frank Fang, do you know Tracy Tang?"

"I met once before, but it's not considered acquaintance."Frank Fang replied truthfully.

"I don't know you? Then why did Tracy Tang transfer over and ask to be at the same table with you?"David He asked again.

David He tone was very unfriendly, but Frank Fang didn't care.

"Because she asked me something."Frank Fang replied again.

"Does Tracy Tang ask for something from you? Hahaha, are you kidding me? Tracy Tang's daughter will ask you, a dick waiting to die?"David He laughed sarcastically.

His four younger brothers also laughed.

Frank Fang also smiled, but did not speak.

After laughing for a while, David He asked again: "Frank Fang, tell me the truth, does Tracy Tang have something in your hands?"

"No."Frank Fang shook his head.

"Really?"David He asked, staring at Frank Fang's face.

Frank Fang was too lazy to respond.

"Hehe, I know you won't answer. But I don't care, you find a way to move me out of the seat. I will come to the classroom tomorrow and I don't want to see Tracy Tang sitting with you. Do you understand?"David He said in a commanding tone .

"I'll do my best."Frank Fang yawned, "Can I go? I'm hungry."

"You can go, but I hope you remember what I said, otherwise don't blame me for disregarding the feelings of my classmates for two years."David He sneered.

Because his family is rich and he has a few younger brothers around him, David He has always been extremely arrogant and domineering in the second class, and no one in the class dares to provoke him.

In He David He 's eyes, Frank Fang , a person with no sense of existence, was even more of a non-threatening waste.

Seeing Fang Yu leaving slowly, Hu Tao asked beside him: "Brother David, are you going to let him go like this? I think he must have something against Tracy Tang in his hands. If you can ask, you can also make Tracy Tang treat you... ..."

"Don't worry, there are too many people in the school now, and it's hard for us to do anything. Don't worry, if this trash is disobedient, there are many opportunities to educate him."David He said coldly.

Leo Liu was waiting for Frank Fang at the door of the classroom, and he was relieved to see Frank Fang came back intact.

"Frank Fang, next time David He asks you to go out alone, you must not go out, don't go out alive or dead, this person is not a good person."Leo Liu said.

"Oh."Frank Fang nodded.

"You may not be clear, this David He family runs a construction company, and his father is very powerful in Jianghai City, and ordinary people like us can't afford to provoke him!" Seeing that Fang Yu didn't seem to care much, Leo Liu said anxiously.

Frank Fang didn't speak.

During the break in the afternoon, Frank Fang went to the office and asked Yellow Sea, the Homeroom Teacher , to change seats.

Yellow Sea was furious, and reprimanded him: "Frank Fang, do you think your family runs the school? If you want to change places, you can change places? Besides, with your appearance, you can be at the same table with Tracy Tang classmate... how can you act good if you get cheap?"

Obviously, in Yellow Sea place, Tracy Tang's words carry much more weight than Fang Yu's. It is impossible for Fang Yu to successfully apply for a position change.

If so, don't change it.

Frank Fang returned to the classroom and sat back in his seat.

Throughout the afternoon, David He and Hu Tao in the front row turned their heads several times and reminded Frank Fang with threatening eyes.

When the school bell rang, Tracy Tang packed her schoolbag, smiled at Fang Yu and said, "Frank Fang, see you tomorrow. I will definitely help you with your studies in the days to come."

Frank Fang pretended not to hear it, but everyone around him did.

Before leaving the classroom, David He walked up to Frank Fang and sneered, "Frank Fang, don't forget what I said this morning, otherwise..."

Frank Fang didn't bother to talk to him, turned around and left before he finished speaking.

Looking at Frank Fang's leaving back, David He eyes flashed fiercely.

How dare a trash not take me, David He, seriously?

"Brother David, do you want to go out and teach him a lesson now?" Hu Tao asked beside him.

David He waved his hand and said coldly: "No need, since Frank Fang Yu doesn't want to move his seat, then we can help him!"


Next to the village in the city where Frank Fang's home is located, there are several hills.

And at the foot of one of the hills, Frank Fang owned a vegetable garden where various vegetables were grown. Every two days, he would come here to water the vegetables, and then pick some vegetables to cook.

Today was the same as usual, Frank Fang came to the vegetable garden, and took two buckets to a small stream not far away to fill the water.

As soon as he put the bucket into the stream, Frank Fang noticed that there was a layer of black-red liquid floating above the normally clear stream. At the same time, Frank Fang also smelled a bloody smell floating in the air.

What floats on the stream is blood!

Depend on! The good stream is polluted by blood like this!

Frank Fang frowned, stood up, and then walked up the stream.

Walking through a small slope, Frank Fang saw about 30 meters ahead, a woman wearing a slightly tattered black OL uniform, clutching her left arm, walking staggeringly by the stream.

The blood flowed from her left arm and dripped onto the stream.

Seeing Frank Fang, the woman's eyes lit up with hope, and she shouted with all her strength, "Help, help!"

"June Ji, Miss Yang wants you to die, no one can save you today!" A thick male voice came from behind the woman.

Two men in black suits and sunglasses chased after the woman about 20 meters behind, both holding a pistol with a silencer in their hands.

Frank Fang didn't intend to meddle in other people's business, so he turned around and left.

But those two men also saw Frank Fang.

"Who are you!?" One of the men raised his pistol and aimed it at Frank Fang.

What day is today? How did you encounter such bad luck?

Frank Fang said helplessly: "I'm just a passerby, don't worry, I didn't see anything, I didn't hear anything."

Hearing Frank Fang's words, the injured woman felt her eyes go dark and she was extremely desperate.

And the two men looked at each other with a fierce look in their eyes.

What they said just now must not be leaked.

In this wilderness, killing one is also killing, and killing two is also killing.

"Boy, if you want to blame it, blame your bad luck." The man holding the pistol pulled the trigger.


A bullet shot towards Fang Yu's chest.

In a blink of an eye, Frank Fang disappeared in place.

The bullet actually went empty.

"Hey, why do you have to mess with me? I just want to fetch some water and go back to water the vegetable garden."Frank Fang sighed in the air.

Before the two men could react, Frank Fang appeared less than one meter in front of them.

Frank Fang stretched out his right hand and slapped the man in front of him across the face.


The man's head was turned 180 degrees directly, facing the back, his facial features were distorted, blood was still coming out of his mouth, and he had already died.

Seeing this scene, the companion on the side was so frightened that his liver and gallbladder were torn apart, he screamed and wanted to run away.

But Frank Fang didn't give him this chance, and punched him on the left chest.


There was another chilling sound of bone shattering, and the man who wanted to escape fell to the ground, his eyeballs popped out, and his eyes were full of fear.

The two who were alive five seconds ago turned into two dead bodies in an instant.

Frank Fang's eyes were flat, without a single wave of emotion.

He didn't want to make a move at first, and he promised that he would not say anything, but these two people still wanted to silence him, so there was no way.

You don't move me, I don't move you.

If you touch me, I will kill you.

After finishing the two, Frank Fang turned his head and looked at the woman who had been shot.

At this time, the woman was also opening her eyes wide, staring at Frank Fang in a daze.

Those two killers were dealt with just like that?

Well, who is this man? Is he from Earth?

The woman lost a lot of blood and was already very weak. Now her mind was hit again, and the blood supply to her brain was insufficient for a while, and she passed out.

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