chapter 7 One coffin to bury them all

by Harrison 11:53,Sep 21,2023
The villa area of the Zhao family's estate was under strict martial law. Tension hung in the air, and every rustle of the wind seemed like an alarm. Old Master Zhao went to meet Gangnam King, while Eli was in charge of guarding the Zhao family. He had summoned over 500 thugs, as well as the leaders of various stalls and entertainment venues, all of whom were trained weapons of the Zhao family.

In this moment of crisis, they all returned to the Zhao family.

Eli stared at the million-dollar watch on his wrist, his brows furrowing. "It's been 59 minutes since Samuel's deadline. Dad still hasn't returned. What if Samuel shows up?"

"You're overthinking it."

"But if Samuel poses a threat to the Zhao family—"

"That scum dares to trespass in the Zhao family villa? Highly unlikely."

"This is a dangerous place, even if he dares to enter, he won't leave alive!" chuckled several leaders from the entertainment venues.


As soon as they finished speaking, a loud noise echoed at the gate of the Zhao family villa. The pitch-black coffin from the hotel flew into the courtyard like the Grim Reaper.


Countless members of the Zhao family rushed out. Samuel, like a grim reaper, walked through the gates of the Zhao family. "One hour has passed. Will the Zhao family give me a satisfactory answer?"

"Samuel, you've got some nerve to come to the Zhao family," Eli stepped forward. When he saw Samuel, his eyes twitched involuntarily. But this was the Zhao family, and it gave him boundless courage.

"Kid, you've got guts. You dare to be audacious in the Zhao family?"

"Do you want to die? Kneel down!"

"Outrageous! He brings a coffin to the Zhao family. Do you know this is a capital offense?" Several leaders from the entertainment venues sneered coldly. They were used to being domineering and had no idea how formidable Samuel was.


Samuel spat out the word and kicked a few pebbles on the ground. These stones shot through the air and pierced the heads of the entertainment venue leaders.


"He's killing people..." The women of the Zhao family were terrified, collapsing to the ground.

"Disable him!" Eli's voice turned icy. Over five hundred well-trained thugs drew axes from their waists and viciously swung them at Samuel.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A deafening roar, bones cracking, and the screams of the thugs filled the air. Eli was dumbfounded. He had witnessed the thugs trained by the Zhao family, each of them flying out like dead dogs. When the dust settled, there was nothing but a path of blood. Over 500 subordinates lay on the ground, moaning in pain.

Samuel stood there as if nothing had happened, surveying everyone in the Zhao family. "Someone exterminated my Ye family, leaving only three of us alive. The Zhao family is an accomplice."

"Starting with you! If Old Master Zhao doesn't show up in one minute, I'll kill one person."

Samuel took a step and instantly appeared in front of Eli, reaching for his throat.

"The first one."


A crisp sound, and Eli's neck was crushed, leaving him dead on the spot. His eyes were about to pop out, and he gasped out his final words, "Should've known... should've known it would come to this..."

In his heart, he had dreamed of the rise of the Zhao family, unaware that the Zhao family was on the brink of destruction.


As Eli fell, Old Master Zhao's voice echoed. The man who had once dominated Jiangnan City before his retirement was now furious, striding into the gates of the Zhao family. He was left with only two sons at home; one daughter had married into Jinling. Now, both of his sons had died, and his grandson Austin had been killed by Samuel. The Zhao family line was completely severed.

"Samuel, I'll have you dead!"

Old Master Zhao couldn't contain himself, roaring in madness.

Then, a large group of armored soldiers rushed in, numbering five to six thousand. They wielded weapons, completely sealing off the Zhao family.

"You're audacious, daring to wreak havoc in Gangnam King's territory, killing noble families." A voice, chilling to the bone, resounded.

"Hehehe, is that waste Alex the one who met his end at your hands?" Another woman's voice chimed in.

A man and a woman, clad in armor, entered the courtyard. They were both Earth-Level warriors at the perfect stage, and they were also commanders of Gangnam King's thirty Royal Guards. In addition, there was a man standing with his hands behind his back, strolling over casually.

When Samuel saw this man, his blood boiled, and the flames of anger surged within him. He would never forget this man's face. This was the person who had barged into his Ye family, striking his older brother in the chest. After Samuel's parents pushed him out of the window, they too met their demise.

"My parents and my brother's deaths are indeed related to Gangnam King!" Samuel gritted his teeth.

"Unexpected. The fish that escaped the net five years ago has grown to this extent." The man at the perfect period of the toppest stage stood with his hands behind his back, calmly observing Samuel.

"Hahaha, so young, yet harboring such hatred. Is it a waste to kill him?" The female commander chuckled.

"Bodyguard Hong, both commanders, please kill this scoundrel!" Old Master Zhao raved.

This Bodyguard Hong, along with two other Royal Guard commanders, were the people he had brought in after meeting Gangnam King. With 6000bRoyal Guards and two warriors at the peak period of the Earth-Level, along with a bodyguard at the peak period of the toppest stage, this lineup was more than enough to deal with Samuel.

Samuel pointed to the coffin in the courtyard. "This coffin holds the killer of my parents. Bury Mattew, bury Austin, bury Old Master Zhao, bury all members of the Zhao family, and also bury... Gangnam King!"


Bodyguard Hong's face darkened. With a lion's roar, he took a step forward, launching an attack on Samuel.


Samuel shouted, throwing a powerful punch at the approaching Bodyguard Hong.


A bone-shattering sound, and Bodyguard Hong was sent flying, his entire arm shattered. He lay on the ground, writhing in agony, like a dying dog.

"You... Master, Master of martial arts..." Bodyguard Hong was horrified, his scalp tingling.


Samuel stepped forward, stomping on Bodyguard Hong's head, crushing it.


The two Royal Guard commanders, a man and a woman, looked at Samuel in shock. This was Gangnam King's bodyguard, a warrior at the peak period of the toppest stage. He commanded a hundred thousand Royal Guards. Yet he had died like this?

"Attack, kill him!"

The two Royal Guard commanders shouted, giving the order to slay Samuel.


Samuel took a step forward, arriving in front of the two of them. He extended his hands, one left, one right, and struck with force.

Puff! Puff!

Blood gushed out from their orifices, the helmets on their heads exploded, and their bodies fell straight down.

Two Royal Guards commanders at the peak period of the Earth stage were beaten to death by Samuel. When the 6000 Royal Guards saw this scene, they all froze.

Samuel's voice came: "You also have wives and children. If you want to die, just try to kill me! Otherwise, get lost!"

A thunderous roar echoed through the air.

The force unleashed by Samuel was so overwhelming that even the 6000 Royal Guards couldn't stand their ground. They hastily discarded their helmets and armor, fleeing from the Zhao residence in a state of utter disarray.

Leaders were slapped to death with a single strike, and the morale of the guards shattered.

With a single command, Samuel sent 6000 Royal Guards into retreat!

Old Master Zhao fell to the ground, pointing at Samuel, but he couldn't utter a word due to the boundless fear in his eyes.

For what seemed like an eternity, the depths of his gaze held nothing but endless terror. Not a single extra word could escape his lips.

"Is my parents' death related to Gangnam King?" Samuel asked in a chilling tone.

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