Chapter 7

by AriannaR 16:53,Sep 27,2020
Between moving into an apartment with my mother and catching up with her, I had been very busy.

I ran my hand through my hair as I looked for Estella, who insisted we played hide and seek.

I saw a little shadow move under the bed and just when I was about to catch her my phone buzzed. This was fairly unusual seeing as I didn't have many friends.

I gasped, maybe it was Tyberias.

I ran to the nightstand like an excited little girl who's crush texted her for the first time and opened my messages.

You've used 80% of your data

I sighed disappointedly.

All of a sudden I received another message, a smile finding itself on my face as I opened it up

The Domino's 50% off pizza deal! Spend $30 or more and get 50% off! Just use code SAVEBIG2.

I was so naive, why did I think he would text me anyway.

I jumped on the bed into a lying position, frustratedly. I frowned when I heard screeching from below. I quickly jumped off and checked to see if Estella was okay. I totally forgot she was there. I looked underneath and found her giggling quietly.

•-• •-• •-•

The next day I was baking when I heard my phone buzz.

I knew better than to get my hopes up again so I decided not to check it. I frowned when I heard it buzz again.

Let me take you out tonight


I knew better than to assume again.

Yes, it's Tyberias, were you expecting a message from anyone else?

Nope, only a strangely demanding guy who took a week to finally message me

I should probably apologise for that, however, it's not in my nature to do so

Not in you nature? I guess I'm going to change that

But how can you change it if you don't let me take you out

Touché but I need to check my schedule first, I'm a busy girl

My schedule literally consisted of playing with Estella. Damn, I should really start looking for a proper job soon.

Lucky for you, I can slot you in at 6

Perfect. I'll pick you up then. Same place as last time?

No actually we're not living there anymore. We moved in with our mom . Pick me up at 13 Green Close

Okay, see you at 6. And dress nice, beautiful.

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