chapter 3 Hypocrisy

by Toni Morrison 19:31,May 26,2023

Susan Su returned to her room, closed the door, put her schoolbag on the ground, and then went straight into the small bathroom attached to the room.

Turning on the faucet, Susan Su picked up a handful of water and splashed it on her face. The cold feeling irritated her skin, and Susan Su shivered from the cold.

Propping her body up, Susan Su involuntarily reached out and touched the neck on the right side, and when she opened the collar a little, she could see two small red moles, which were especially dazzling on her snow-white skin!

‘She is a white-eyed wolf, a broom star, and when she was a child, she caused her adoptive parents and the entire old city to die in the fire! '

Sophie Su's words were still lingering in her mind, Susan Su eyes flashed, her expression was full of sadness.

"Susan Su, come out for me!"

Sophie Su's yelling came from the room, Susan Su wiped her face again, and then walked out of the bathroom.

"Sophie Su."Susan Su gently raised the corners of her lips, and greeted Sophie Su softly.

It's that expression again!

Sophie Su spurned her friendliness, "What are you pretending, my dad is not here, it's really disgusting to be hypocritical."

Since childhood, Susan Su has always treated her with a very gentle and friendly attitude, which made Sophie Su very disgusted, a person who appeared out of nowhere, was taken home by Joe Su, and said that he would be her from now on elder sister?

What the hell sister, she is the only daughter, she is the beloved little princess of the Su family, she doesn't want anyone to separate her father, mother, and the Su family!

As for Susan Su, she has long been accustomed to Sophie Su's attitude. She knows that Sophie Su doesn't like her, and she has tried many methods to make herself and Sophie Su closer, but it's a Sophie Su. Focus on getting close to her.

However, she never gave up. Susan Su believed that people's hearts could be seen over time, and that one day, Sophie Su would accept her.

Susan Su didn't speak, and she didn't defend herself or anything. After so many years, she had said enough, Su Zihan didn't listen, and she couldn't help it.

Sophie Su saw that she was looking at him with a smile on her face again, as if no matter how she treated her, she would not be angry, and she was even more angry in her heart.

shameless! hypocritical! Susan Su, there is always

One day I will expose your true colors!

Sophie Su snorted coldly, glanced at her disdainfully, turned around in the room, and fixed her eyes on the bag next to the schoolbag on the ground.

She walked over, picked it up, and saw that there was an exquisite box inside, "Hehe, Susan Su, what crap did you buy with my family's money again?"

"Sophie Su, don't open it..."

Susan Su couldn't stop it either, Sophie Su directly opened the packaged box, inside was a simple looking watch, but at first glance, she knew it was a men's watch.

Sophie Su raised his head, with a cold smile on the corner of his mouth, seeing Susan Su embarrassing expression, he raised his voice mockingly, "Susan Su, what can you do, use our family's money to buy gifts for men? You want to give it to Leo Lin, right!"

Susan Su looked at Sophie Su fierce face, and didn't know what to say.

Yes, this watch was intended to be given to Leo Lin, but Susan Su did not buy it on her own initiative, but her friend Lily Liang pestered her to buy it.

Lily Liang's original words were, "Anyway, I've come here, so you can just buy one. It's said that gifts are reciprocated, and Leo Lin also gave you so many things, so you have to feel free to return one, right? Month is Leo Lin birthday, so you can give it to him when the time comes!"

The money to buy the watch was given by Lily Liang. Susan Su knows that all her expenses are now Joe Su's money. Susan Su is already very grateful to Joe Su for adopting her, so she is embarrassed to misuse Joe Su's money, so she I signed an IOU with Lily Liang, the two hundred yuan to buy a watch, and she will return it to her when she goes to university and works part-time.

So Susan Su planned to give this watch to Leo Lin on his birthday.

However, Sophie Su naturally thought that this was a gift that Susan Su would give to Leo Lin at the coming-of-age ceremony!

They are going to be together!

Thinking of the picture of the two of them together, Sophie Su couldn't accept it at all!

In a moment of anger, Sophie Su ignored Susan Su's shout, and even threw the watch box on the ground heavily. The marble floor was originally hard, but the fragile watch suddenly fell apart on the ground, and it was no longer complete.

Susan Su looked at Sophie Su in disbelief, "Sophie Su, what are you doing!"

She immediately knelt down and picked up the watch, but looking at the broken

The degree of rottenness is already known to be irreversible.

"Sophie Su..."

Sophie Su had no intention of repenting at all, and glared at Susan Su angrily, before running out of the room.

Susan Su looked at Sophie Su's leaving back, and then looked down at the broken watch in her hand, her heart was in a mess.

"What's wrong with Sophie Su, did you quarrel with that Susan Su just now?"

Sophie Su ran back to the room, her eyes were red and swollen as if she had cried, Lisa Li who entered the room looked at her, and felt distressed, "Did that little bitch bully you?"

"Mummy!"Sophie Su threw herself into Lisa Li's arms, crying, "I hate Susan Su so much, I hate her, I don't want her in our house, I don't want her to take away my daddy, mommy, Uuuuuuuuuu Mommy..." She also didn't want Susan Su to snatch Leo Lin away!

Seeing her daughter crying so miserably, Lisa Li's heart felt like being grabbed and beaten.

"Mummy's little princess, we only love you as a baby... Don't cry, Mommy has a solution."Lisa Li comforted her precious daughter, with a gloomy look in her eyes.

Sophie Su raised her head, with tears in her eyes, she stared blankly at her mother, "Can Mommy drive her away?"

"Silly boy, Susan Su is still useful to our family, and she can bring benefits to our family in the future, but now, Mommy has a way to vent your anger on you, don't worry, Mommy won't let the little princess be easily bullied of."

Lisa Li couldn't get used to Susan Su brought back by her husband, but Joe Su said that the child was useful, so she didn't want to touch it.

Although she doesn't want to admit it, Lisa Li can also tell that Susan Su is beautiful and delicate, which is why Joe Su took a first look at her in the orphanage and brought her home.

Hmph, so what about being pretty, it's not the same as a wild child born without a mother, isn't it just a tool, raised and sent out to bring benefits to the Su family.

"Yeah, I knew Mommy was the best for me!"Sophie Su hugged Lisa Li tightly, and finally smiled with tears in her eyes.

Susan Su, I will never let you get Leo Lin!

After putting her precious daughter to sleep, Lisa Li came to the study, taking advantage of Joe Su absence, Lisa Li secretly found a certain number on it, recorded it, and then sneaked away.

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