chapter 11 my stuff

by Toni Morrison 19:31,May 26,2023

The man's eyes stared straight at Susan Su with the strength to win the prey, this feeling made Leo Lin next to him very uncomfortable.

He moved a step, blocked the sight of the man locking Susan Su, guarded his treasure, and said again, "Who the hell are you, you are not welcome here, please leave!"

"Heh." The man pulled his lips and let out a laugh.

Leo Lin felt that he had been despised by others. He had never been underestimated so much since he was a child. The young boy became even more angry, "Who are you? Don't think that if you don't speak, I will be afraid of you. If you don't leave, don't leave." Blame me for being rude."

The man completely ignored his yelling, raised his foot, and walked forward arrogantly.

Leo Lin was tensely ready to go, and his eyes began to become fierce.

When the man came within an arm's length away from him, the boy's endurance suddenly broke, and he roared and ran towards the man. Before Susan Su came, he remembered to see clearly, but the next moment he heard a wail, Leo Lin fell to the ground.

Susan Su blinked, and only realized the fact that Leo Lin was thrown to the ground by this man two seconds later, "Leo Lin, are you alright!"

She nervously wanted to see if he was injured. Just as she was walking, the man who was a few steps away Leo Lin already walked in front of her. Taste replaced.

Unbelievable at his speed, Susan Su stared wide-eyed, watching the man's perfect face constantly magnified in her eyes, and when she realized the reality, the distance between their lips was only one centimeter.

Excessively close, those faint pupils also enlarged in her pupils, so close, even if the light was not clear, Susan Su could still see the glazed light refracted by those light brown pupils.

But she was thinking, no... This man's eyes should not be light brown, but dark blue.

Dark blue... She trembled suddenly, because the man suddenly stretched out a hand and climbed up her chin, and then, half of his palm supported her cheek!

This time, Susan Su didn't feel awkward or disgusted because of the strange man's touch, but she felt very cold. The temperature of the man's palm was obviously warm, but she stared into his eyes and felt cold all over.

His eyes seemed to be shining, absorbing all her thoughts, Susan Su didn't think of pushing him away at all.

Simon Si at this dull little face, the tenderness in his hands really made him reluctant to let go.


"You are mine. From now on, you are not allowed to be touched by others."Simon Si gently opened his lips, and all the breath he exhaled sprayed on Susan Su's lips, itching and hot.

She was also fascinated, just following her instinct, "Why, am I yours?"

Simon Si smiled softly, and his bewitching face was even more languidly seductive. The hand stroking her cheek gently slid across the arc of her chin and slid down her fair neck. Finally, it stopped at the two small red moles on her right.

Susan Su felt those two little red moles were burning hot!

"Because... you already have my mark on you, my things, only I can get dirty, no one else can."

Simon Si blew on her face again, Susan Su moved her body, then was stunned for a few seconds, suddenly realized something, her whole face flushed red.

Suddenly stretched out two hands to press against the man's chest, this time, easily pushed him away.

Simon Si two steps back, obviously passive, but every step was perfectly calculated and methodical.

The corner of his mouth grinned, and Susan Su looked terrified, what happened just now, why did it happen? She knew what he was doing to her, but her behavior was completely out of her control. How could she have those conversations with him at such a close distance?

His mark?

Susan Su subconsciously touched the little red mole, what does this have to do with him, isn't it that she had it when she was a child?

Why do you say she belongs to him!

Susan Su was very angry. It's useless for such a frivolous man, no matter how good-looking he is!

With a cold face, she was very rude to him, "Sir, you have hurt my friend, if you don't want me to call someone over and cause trouble, please leave!"

Simon Si his brows, "I don't like your sharp claws, I will tame you myself after I finish handling the matter."

"Please leave—"Susan Su felt that his patience was going to be worn out by him. Why is this man so strange, and he keeps saying things she doesn't understand?

Simon Si glanced at her meaningfully, then turned around and walked out slowly, with that posture, arrogant like a prince.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Susan Su hurried to Leo Lin side, but he frightened her by being motionless.

"Leo Lin, Leo Lin!"

"Susan..."Leo Lin woke up leisurely, and suddenly thought, "Where's that nasty man?" He looked around vigilantly.

Susan Su supported him to stand up, "He has already

gone. "

Leo Lin grabbed her hand, "Then are you okay? I'm useless, did he do anything to you just now?"

Susan Su frowned, and pushed his hand away without a trace, "I'm fine." She didn't want to talk about what happened just now, it was too ridiculous for her, and there was nothing to say.

Glancing at Leo Lin concerned eyes, Susan Su sighed, and made it clear to him, "Leo Lin, thank you for appreciating me for so long, you are a very good boy, I think you are very kind, It's's just that I don't want to affect my studies for the time being, I want to finish my third year of high school and get admitted to a good university."

Leo Lin didn't recover, why did Susan Su reject her so quickly?

"Susan, I will respect your choice. We are together, and it won't affect your studies. Besides, we can discuss topics together, help each other study, and we can..."

Susan Su pushed him away, took a step back to keep a distance, "I'm sorry, I think it's better for us to be friends. I'm sorry, Leo Lin, you deserve a better girl to like you."

"Sorry, I'm going back first."

After finishing speaking, Susan Su hurriedly left the small terrace, unable to bear to see Leo Lin sad and disappointed expression behind her.

Not long after she walked into the banquet hall, she was pulled back by Lily Liang.

"How about it, isn't Leo Lin's confession very romantic? You have been in for a long time, I have been looking at the balcony, very anxious!"

Susan Su smiled wryly, "I rejected him, he and I can only be friends."

"Why, Leo Lin is so nice, why aren't you tempted!"

"It can only be said that I don't feel it, and I don't have this plan."Susan Su shook her head, and suddenly thought, "You've been looking at the balcony?"

"Yes."Lily Liang boldly admitted that she was indeed a gossip.

"Then why didn't you come in just now?"

"What? You two are there, what am I going to do, be a high-power light bulb?"

Susan Su was puzzled, "A man came in just now, that man who caused a little commotion before, didn't you see it?"

Lily Liang shook his head depressedly, "Has anyone ever gone in? Isn't that right? I've always been afraid that someone would disturb you, so I've been guarding for you all the time. No one went into the small terrace. Could it be that I misunderstood it?"

Susan Su looked at Lily Liang talking to himself, but fell into thinking, how could such a big person not see, and still go in and out?

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