chapter 1 dragonhead Returns

by Lemon 18:51,Nov 22,2023
September is slightly cooler and the showers are beginning to subside.
Zensea, Telsa Road.
A brand new military green off-road jeep drove slowly and parked at the door of the Van family house at the end of Telsa Road.
"Dad, Mom, big brother, I'm back."
At this time, a tall man stepped out of the car.
Long eyebrows went into the temples, and the facial features were deep.
There was endless sadness in those eyes like a sea of ​​stars.
He stared at the villa complex, clenching his fists until his knuckles turned white.
A month ago, it was his eldest brother Chad's wedding.
However, at the wedding banquet, the adoptive parents and eldest brother were all killed!
Only the newlywed wife Rachel managed to escape.
The Nyse Group, his adoptive father's lifelong effort, was also divided among the four major Zensea Groups.
Clarence could not have imagined that while he was fighting abroad, the Van family would suffer such a disaster.
How could Clarence feel relieved?
Clarence, wearing a black trench coat, felt a tremor in his heart as he looked at the familiar house.
Who would have thought that the Dragonhead of the North would have his heart tremble one day?
"Eight years!"
Clarence sighed softly, he hadn't returned home for eight years, and it turned out that heaven and earth were separated forever.
Clarence's face suddenly flushed, and then he coughed violently.
"Dragonhead, your injury..."
A woman with a heroic appearance and a stern face hurriedly stepped forward, showing concern.
Another man who looked like an iron tower and smelled faintly of gunpowder smoke also came to Clarence.
"Dragonhead, the deceased has passed away, please take care of yourself."
"It doesn't matter, it will get better after a while." Clarence said calmly,
"You guys wait here, I can go in alone."
After saying that, Clarence walked towards the Van family house.
Decco and Maxine placed their right hands at eyebrow level and responded respectfully.
Both of them were extremely obedient to the Dragonhead's words.
They all knew that Clarence joined the army at the age of eighteen.
In less than eight years, he became the Dragonhead of the North, commanding thousands of troops, and no one dared to disobey.
Especially the battle three months ago was worthy of being called a god.
Severely inflicting heavy lost on the five powerful men established Clarence's extremely respected status in the North.
To them, Clarence was the undefeated God of War and a living legend!
However, they never imagined that such a tragedy would happen in the family of Clarence, the Dragonhead of the North's family.
The two looked indifferent.
This little Zensea may be changed because of the return of Dragonhead!

At this time, in the courtyard of the Van family, at the door of the old house.
"Ten sets of customized suits and leather shoes, worth 27,000 dollars."
"Household appliances and kitchen utensils, totaling 41,000 dollars!"
"A complete set of furniture imported from France, worth no less than 69,000 dollars!"
Following the sounds of surprise, items from the Van family were quickly carried out.
At the door, there were several men in crisp suits standing, directing a group of people to carry things back and forth.
These people were all former senior figures of the Nyse Group.
"Get them all out, don't leave anything behind!"
Slavik, the sales director of Nyse Group, looked at all this with cold eyes and shouted arrogantly.
In the room, a woman tried her best to stop them, saying something to let these people do nothing.
"Do you still have any conscience? This belongs to the Van family. Why do you move it away? Put it down quickly!"
This woman had a stunning appearance, a slim figure, and a standard nine-headed body.
From the inside out, she like ripe peach.
Especially that pair of beautiful eyes, there was indescribable tenderness.
But at this time, the pair of beautiful eyes were filled with anger.
"Rachel, why can't you see the situation clearly?"
"The Van family has collapsed, Nyse Group has become someone else's, and your dream of becoming a rich wife is shattered!"
A mocking smile appeared on Slavik's lips. In the past, he would have been a little afraid of Rachel.
After all, she was the general manager's recent wife, but now that Chad was dead, Rachel was just a widow with no one to support her.
What else was scary about him?
"Slavik, when Chad was here, he valued you so much. I didn't expect that before Chad's body was cold, you would lead a group of people to do such a thing. Has your conscience been eaten by a dog?"
It was okay not to mention this, but when she mentioned this, Slavik became angry.
He stepped forward and grabbed Rachel's collar.
"You little bitch, you still have the nerve to mention your damn husband to me?"
"We have been tricked by the Van family. I don't know what big shot the Van family has offended. Zensea's company knows that we are former employees of Nyse and they don't dare to use us!"
"He is dead, and we can't work because of him. Is it wrong for us to take his things?"
As he spoke, he pushed Rachel to the ground with a fierce push.
With a stabbing sound, the cheongsam was scratched by a foreign object on the ground, and a crack was torn out.
Along the cracks, he could still see the snow-white scenery.
Slavik and everyone else's eyes flashed evilly, revealing a lewd smile.
"Rachel, if you don't want us to move anything, how about you accompany us and have some fun?"
"Anyway, you are here for the Van family's money. The we just give you money. Is 100 dollar enough?"
As he spoke, he took out 100 dollar and threw it on the ground.
Rachel was a famous beauty in Zensea, and there were countless young men surrounding her.
Unexpectedly, Chad got the advantage in the end.
But it's not accurate to say that. After all, before the two of them even entered the bridal chamber, Chad burped.
Rachel's delicate lips trembled, her jade hands hurriedly covered it, and tears of humiliation shone in her eyes.
"How can you do this? The memorial tablet of Chad's family is right here, and there are gods three feet above your head. Aren't you afraid of retribution?"
Slavik raised his eyes and looked at the black and white photo of Chad's family of three on the table against the wall, and suddenly showed a look of disgust.
Immediately, he picked up the photo and threw it to the ground.
"Now they won't be able to see it."
Rachel hurriedly rushed to the photo to pick it up, but she didn't expect that her fingers would be cut in her panic.
"Ouch, you are bleeding, what's there to pick up from the photos of dead people?"
Slavik stepped on the photo and looked down at Rachel.
"It's a pity that such a beautiful woman, Chad doesn't have that kind of blessing."
"How about we feast you instead of your husband?"
As he spoke, a big rude hand was about to reach out.
Rachel's delicate body trembled and she fell to the ground slumped, her eyes flashing with strong reluctance.
"Chad, Dad, Mom, I'm sorry. There's really nothing I can do."
Rachel had never been so desperate!
However, at this moment, an extremely cold voice sounded.
"Beasts, get your dirty hands off!"
At the door, a towering figure suddenly appeared.
But the man's eyes were filled with angry flames.
This person was Clarence, the Dragonhead of the North.

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