chapter 7 give gifts

by Lemon 18:51,Nov 22,2023
Clarence was very outstanding when he was a student.
Even before he was an adult, he had already made a name for himself in the upper-class circles of Zensea, and even earned the title of "The Young Talent of Zensea".
It was just that Clarence, who had been escorted to the top university, suddenly went to a bitter cold place.
Everyone didn't understand what the Van family did, and not long after, it was reported that Clarence died in the North because of the war.
From then on, he was gradually forgotten by the people of Zensea.
"Clarence, why did you come to our house? Do you think us the Walker family doesn't have enough things to do?"
"Thanks to the Van family, several of our close partners with Vikram have given up. Do you know how much we have lost?"
Dorothy felt angry when she saw that Clarence was so ignorant and came to the main table.
Bridget’s aunt also sneered and said,
"Clarence, things are different now. As a human being, you need to be self-aware."
"It was just a verbal joke between your father and Vikram back then. The matter of getting married on the fingertips, you don't think it's true, do you?"
Everyone at the main table burst into laughter when they heard this.
Not to mention that the Van family was now a hot potato, and whoever got involved would got into trouble, let’s just say that Clarence current status was no longer worthy of the Walker family.
"Clarence, if you want to stay for a meal, just go and pick up a seat at the door. If you want to talk about marriage, you'd better give up."
Dorothy rolled her eyes at Clarence, "To be honest, you shouldn't come back at this time!"
"That's enough, Mom!"
Bridget shouted in a deep voice, looked at Clarence impatiently, and said,
"Come here with me. I have a few words to tell you."
No matter what, after all, the two of them were growing up together, so they still had to save some face for Clarence.
Some words were inappropriate to say in public, but these words must be said.
She was afraid that Clarence still had evil thoughts about her.
After finishing speaking, Bridget came to the corridor at the side door of the hall.
Clarence asked Decco to stand by and followed her alone.
Faithe's pupils shrank and he glanced deeply at Clarence's back.
"Huh, Clarence, how does The Young Talent of Zensea compare with me now?"
As soon as they came to the corridor, Bridget folded her arms in front of her chest, and said,
"Clarence, please leave Zensea."
Clarence asked, "Why?"
Bridget took a deep breath and said,
"I do it for your own good. If you stay in Zensea, no one will protect you. This is one. Second, there is no possibility between you and me. What's the point of you staying in Zensea?"
A smile appeared on Clarence's lips, "Do you think I stayed in Zensea to pester you?"
"Isn't it? Instead of pestering me, could it be that you want to avenge the Van family? Don't be stupid!"
"It was the biggest mistake you made when you went to the North. Now that the Van family has been destroyed, look at you, what can you do?"
Bridget shook her head and smiled bitterly, "Forget it, why am I telling you this?"
Clarence spoke calmly, "We haven't seen each other for a few years, and you have changed a lot."
Bridget said categorically, "Yes, I have changed. I used to be naive and innocent, but now I understand that there are differences between people."
"The moment you set foot in the North, you will only be an ordinary soldier for the rest of your life, but I am different. I am someone who wants to become a successful person. There are differences between you and me!"
Clarence smiled faintly, what a difference!
He was in charge of an army of millions, and if he disagreed with someone, blood will be shed.
He had so much wealth that even if he brought all Zensea's companies under his control, it would only be a matter of a snap.
Speaking of which, it's really a huge difference.
"Don't worry, I'm not here to fulfill my engagement with you."
Clarence was wandering between life and death, and had already seen through the love between men and women.
His feelings for Bridget were deeply buried in his heart and disappeared with the wind.
Bridget breathed a long sigh of relief when she heard Clarence's words.
But for some reason, Bridget felt a little uncomfortable when she heard Clarence's words.
After returning to the living room, everyone looked at each other and were silent for a while.
"Bridget, this is..."
Faithe asked intentionally.
Bridget smiled, hugged Faithe's arm affectionately, and said,
"Faithe, his name is Clarence, my former high school classmate."
"Clarence, this is Faithe, the boss of Mihes group."
Faithe smiled proudly and said, "So you are Clarence. I have admired you for a long time. I am not talented. It is through hard work that I succeeded my father's group step by step. This is my business card."
As he spoke, he handed over a gold-encrusted business card.
Clarence took it casually, reciprocating the courtesy, stretched out his hand and said calmly, "Clarence."
Faithe was stunned for a moment, then asked with a joking smile, "Clarence, don't you have a business card?"
At the main table, Hermosa couldn't help laughing. She had never heard of an ordinary soldier having a business card.
"Sorry, I couldn't help it."
Faithe obviously meant to ridicule Clarence, but he pretended to be embarrassed and said apologetically,
"Sorry, I never shake hands with anyone without a business card. It's my habit."
Clarence's eyes were unruffled, and he calmly stretched out his hand without any disturbance.
At this moment, the meal finally started, and the servants brought out exquisite dishes one after another.
"Everyone, please take a seat. This is a dish made by a three-star Michelin chef specially invited by Faithe." Dorothy glanced at Clarence and said intentionally.
Everyone sat around the table. Before they could use their chopsticks, Faithe stood up and said with a smile,
"Auntie, these three Michelin three-star chefs are just my little thoughts. I also prepared a gift for Bridget."
"Oh? What kind of gift is it? Take it out and show it to us." Hermosa shouted hurriedly.
Faithe was generous, and the gifts he prepared must be of great value.
Faithe took out an exquisite gift box from under the table, and after opening it, a pair of exquisite high-heeled shoes appeared in front of everyone.
"I bought these specially from abroad, Crystal Love high heels, limited to 200 pairs worldwide and worth 1.66 million. I hope Bridget will like them."
The people on the main table suddenly stretched their necks and became envious.
"This is Crystal Love. It's even sought after by Hollywood actresses. It's limited worldwide. It's very hard to buy them. Faithe, you are really awesome."
Hermosa said sourly, "Bridget, you are so lucky. You have found such a good man. No one else can compare with you."
Bridget showed a happy smile and took the Crystal Love.
She had wanted to buy these shoes for a long time, but she had never been able to buy them. She didn't expect Faithe to be so attentive.
"Thank you, dear, I love it."
"By the way, we have also prepared gifts. Everyone, please bring them out."
Hermosa and others all took out their own gifts. Although there was a big gap compared with Crystal Love, there were almost no gifts worth less than ten thousand dollars, and the total amount was seven or eight hundred thousand.
At this time, Hermosa glanced at Clarence, and said,
"Clarence, aren't you Bridget's friend? Everyone has given gifts, what about yours?"
When Clarence heard this, he also stood up.
"Bridget, I also prepared a gift for you."

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