chapter 4 Midnight gunfire

by Lemon 18:51,Nov 22,2023
With the warm fragrance in his arms, Clarence's murderous intention disappeared, but his eyes were clear.
"Rachel, I must have scared you."
Rachel was in shock. When she opened her eyes, she found that she was already standing aside, feeling dazed for a while.
What happened just now?
Then she realized that the two of them were close at hand and took two steps back involuntarily.
Clarence's steel-like body was like a soldering iron, exuding blazing heat, making her afraid to look directly at it.
"Brother Clarence, the scars on your body..."
Clarence was calm and said, "It doesn't matter, they are just minor injuries."
They were so scary, but he still called them minor injuries.
"By the way, what do you want to do?"
Clarence couldn't help but ask.
He was used to being alone, especially when practicing, there must be no one around.
But there was an extra Rachel today, and he had forgotten about it.
"I saw you had a cough, so I made chicken soup for you to drink..."
Rachel's voice was a little weak as if she had done something wrong.
Clarence was stunned momentarily, and a warm current flowed through his heart.
"Thank you for your kindness, Rachel. Come downstairs and let me taste your cooking."
Rachel said as she went downstairs,
"By the way, where are your two friends? Let them drink some too."
"No, they have things to do tonight."

At this time, the Randy family's villa was brightly lit.
Bacchus received the news as soon as he returned to the villa after handling the day's affairs.
It was said that the people he sent to the Van family residence were detained.
Now they were all kneeling in the Van family yard and kowtowing.
"This is unreasonable!"
Bacchus' anger rose. That little girl had become more capable. Did she dare to find someone to resist him?
Who in Zensea didn’t know his name, Bacchus Randy?
Black and white ways all respect him. Since she was tough, let's see who was tougher.
He quickly dialed a phone number.
"Hey, is it Dexter?"
On the other end of the phone, Dexter answered in a low voice,
"It's me. Do I have an assignment again?"
Bacchus chuckled, "There is indeed something I want to ask you for help. It's a matter for the Van family's house."
"Huh, I asked you to find me a long time ago, but you didn't listen. How do you want to deal with it this time?"
Bacchus said with a fierce look in his eyes,
"I'm going to be ruthless this time, and I'm going to remove the source of the trouble!"
"Hahaha, understand, we all know the rules. Pay money first and do things later."
"Don't worry, Dexter."
After hanging up the phone, Bacchus' murderous intent flickered. Since they turned down his first request, just submitted to his pressure!
They chose the way to their dooms!
I didn't care who you were if you offended me, Bacchus, there was only one word for you, and that was death!
The moon was dark, the wind was high, and dark clouds were pressing over the city.
Near the Van family's old house, several vehicles stopped suddenly.
A dozen strong men wearing masks poured out from the car, holding long knives in their hands and looking fierce.
The leader was a man with a muscular build, a bald head, and a ferocious scar on his forehead.
This person was the famous killer leader of Zensea, Dexter.
Dexter specialized in helping rich people deal with some difficult problems, and his followers were also a group of desperadoes he had trapped.
"Dexter, this is right here, the compound with the lights on in front is." said the killer who was in charge of driving.
Dexter casually threw the cigarette butt on the ground, touched the black gun on his lower back, and said:
"Brothers, let's get to work. Do your work quickly!"
"Get it, boss!"
Two members of the Hidden Dragon Guard were guarding the entrance of the Van family.
In the hospital, Slavik and others were kneeling on the ground, their legs already numb.
At this time, they saw a group of men walking menacingly from a distance with long knives.
Slavik suddenly flashed with excitement, showing an excited expression.
It must be the person Bacchus looked for, and now they were saved.
However, in the next second, Slavik and others were all stunned, and they saw the most incredible scene in their lives.
Behind Dexter, there were a total of twenty-one killers. In an instant, they were all killed and no one was spared.
As for Dexter, he was very shocked when he looked at the cold beauty who appeared not far ahead. was this possible?
So many people, all of them died, and it was as easy as chopping melons and vegetables.
The one who took action was the beauty in front of him.
Her speed was so fast that he didn't even have time to react!
Devil, this woman was a devil!
Dexter's knees weakened, and he knelt on the ground without even having the courage to take out his gun.
Da da da……
In the quiet street, the sound of Maxine's boots rang out.
Maxine blew the smoke from the muzzle of the gun, came closer, and pressed the muzzle of the gun against Dexter's temple.
The high-temperature muzzle of the gun burned his skin, giving off a smell of barbecue, but he did not dare to move at all.
"What's your name?" Maxine asked sharply.
"Dexter...Dexter Anjou."
"Who sent you?"
Dexter said tremblingly, "I told you, will you let me go?"
Maxine smiled coldly, "Are you worthy of telling me the terms?"
A gunshot pierced Dexter's knee.
Dexter let out a miserable howl and clutched his knees, the pain was heartbreaking.
"Who sent you here? Tell me clearly what is going on between you two. If you leave one thing, I will make your life worse than death."
Dexter knew that he was in trouble today. Damn it, when did such a terrifying woman appear in Zensea?
"Okay, okay, I'll say it."
He spoke with difficulty.
"I was sent by Bacchus. He sent us to kill Rachel and the group of people who helped her stand up."
"But I didn't know you were so powerful. Spare my life, please let me go."
Maxine raised his chin with the pistol with great interest, and said coldly,
"What else have you done for him? It's best to tell me in detail, otherwise you will know the consequences!"
Dexter trembled, swallowed, and said bravely,
"Three years ago, he asked me to kill his rival Tudor's family, a total of sixteen people."
"A year ago, he paid me to kill a female teacher's boyfriend and occupy the female teacher. In the end, the female teacher committed suicide out of hatred."
"Three months ago..."
Maxine's eyes were filled with cold flames, "No need to say more, these are enough."
"Open your mouth."
Dexter didn't understand but slowly opened his mouth.
Then, the gun was inserted and the trigger was pulled.
Blood covered the ground, and Dexter collapsed to the ground, his eyes still filled with fear, and he refused to close his eyes to death!
Maxine took out the voice recorder from her pocket and pressed the stop button.
She said it was enough because the evidence was enough to sentence them to death.
Including, the Randy family!
Maxine got on the Jeep off-road car and drove away.
In the Randy family's villa, Bacchus walked around with his hands behind his back.
He didn't know why, but he always felt anxious tonight, as if something was going to happen.
It stood to reason that Dexter was very efficient in doing things, so why had he not sent any message until now?
Suddenly, a follower came to report in a hurry.
"Oops, boss, something...happened?"
"What happened, Why are you so panic?"
"A group of police cars appeared near the Van family, saying that a murder had occurred. I went over to take a look. Dexter and all his men were all killed!"
In an instant, Bacchus' face was extremely gloomy.
It took him a long time to recover from the shock.
"Make an appointment with Master York for me tomorrow. No, I'll call him now!"

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