chapter 4 In the face of disaster, fly separately

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The snow outside the cliff is much lighter, and sparse ruts can be seen faintly. Further forward is the fork in the road. There is a wide official road where most of the snow has been removed, and another narrow road with slightly thicker snow leads to Zhuangzi in front.

Haydar has already got a carriage and is waiting on the official road.

She didn't like parting, and knowing that she wouldn't see her again, Najwa Pazika still turned around. This man really looked better the more he looked.

The cloak on her body was really warm, if it wasn't for the north wind still blowing, she would have thought it was spring.

But some things have to end after all.

He got out of the car with a flick of his robe, rubbed the Little Wolf's head, and waved goodbye to the wolves, "Thank you."

Seeing the Little Wolf walking back three times, looking at her pitifully, Najwa Pazika smiled slightly, "Hurry up and go home, I will visit you again when I have a chance."

Only then did the Little Wolf run happily limping away. The wolves howled at the moon on the top of the mountain, making Najwa Pazika feel a little warmth in this strange world. Chuang Tzu in the cold.

Pazika branch house, here I come!

On the carriage, the man's eyes never moved away from her. This weakened but stubborn figure seemed to have a powerful force, making the hardness in his heart soft and soft.

"master,"Haydar was surprised, the master had never stared at a person for so long, and he was still a little girl.

"When I was borrowing the carriage, I heard that the second lady of Judge Pazika Mansion collected firewood from the mountains yesterday evening and has not returned."

"Judge Pazika?" The man pursed his lips lightly, and immediately ordered, "Go back to Beijing."


Najwa Pazika returned to the village based on her memory. The sky was already pale, but the village was still quiet. The Amaris hall of Pazika's second home in the east was where she was going.

Pazika's Second Head's father helped the Mu family take care of the property in the Capital. He was lazy and gambled. The wife he married was also mean and had nothing to do for many years. That's why he wanted to let Najwa Pazika live in his house. Collect some silver coins to live.

But the Mu family only gave Najwa Pazika here at this time, and gave 20 silver coins, and there was no further movement. The two of them also checked their mouths, and they knew that the Second Miss Stepwoman would not be able to go back to the Capital. She was ordered to do all the hard work.

But it was the first time that she was specially asked to go up the mountain to collect firewood before dinner like last night.

Najwa Pazika turned into the courtyard neatly, and heard movement from the main house. It was Pazika's Second Head chatting with his wife.

"I saw the widow Wang from the next village come out from the courtyard of the owner of our village the morning before yesterday. The widow Wang even wore a silver hairpin on her head."

"Hmph, how much is a silver hairpin worth? If the Your Excellency task is done, I will give you a pair of gold bracelets."

"Really?"Second Leader's daughter-in-law jumped up happily, "If I had known, I would have made that girl wear less clothes last night, and she would have froze to death."

Second Leader reminded: "The Your Excellency has the support of the big guy in the capital. That girl will definitely not survive today. If it weren't for the people from the Shangshufu on Xuetian Magistrate's Mansion, how could she have arrived today? When the time comes, you will do as the master said. play."


Najwa Pazika knew that the Your Excellency mentioned by these two people was Rose Prayer Rug, and those two strong men were indeed sent by her.

However, who is the big guy in Beijing?

There was only a "click" in doubt, the cloak was too long, Najwa Pazika didn't notice a dead branch under her feet.

"Who?"Second Leader daughter-in-law was startled, she hurriedly looked out of the window, and whispered, "Could it be that girl who came back?"

"How is it possible?"Second Leader kicked her in warning, "No one will be that girl."

When the two went out, they saw the footprints at the door, their expressions changed drastically, and they hurriedly followed the footprints in the snow to the woodshed.

Second Leader daughter-in-law, who was still following behind, saw the embroidered shoes at the door of the firewood room, twisted her round body immediately, pulled Second Leader away, grabbed the shoes and slapped Second Leader face.

"I said, why did you become generous all of a sudden, you bastard. It turns out that you have done something wrong with your conscience, and even had a private meeting with the widow and wife of the king in the chaifang."

The real body once saw Pazika's Second Head come out of the firewood shed with the widow Wang, Second Leader viciously warned her not to talk nonsense, but this embroidered shoe, which she has been hiding in the woodshed, just came in handy today.

"What are you crazy about?!"Pazika's Second Head felt guilty, but he was not caught on the spot, he still yelled confidently: "What does it matter to me that you throw your shoes here?"

"Fart!"Second Leader daughter-in-law said and went up to scratch his face, "Who knows that only the widow Wang is in the ten miles around, and the butterfly embroidered on the wife's shoes, you should explain it clearly to my old lady today."

Second Leader was not to be outdone, but he was very thin and was no match for his wife. During the scuffle, Second Leader's wife rode on him, pinched his neck and greeted the eighteen generations of his ancestors several times .

In desperation, Second Leader, who was struggling on the ground, touched the ax that suddenly appeared at his hand. Before he had time to think, he grabbed the ax and slashed at the person on him...

Blood splashed all over the woodshed, and Second Leader was also dumbfounded.

"Oh, Second Leader is really mighty."

A clear female voice sounded from outside the woodshed, causing Pazika's Second Head to shudder, and when he turned his head, he saw a woman in a black cloak standing on the snow.

"You, why are you back?"

Najwa Pazika was not afraid, "Why did Uncle decide that I can't come back?"

Her face was as white as paper, thin and small, and her blood-covered reflection was reflected in her clear eyes.

Second Leader moved his wrist slightly, raised his ax and rushed forward.

"In that case, I'll see you off again."

But before Second Leader got close, he fell to the ground with a "boom".

Najwa Pazika looked at a silver needle on his neck, and said coldly: "Uncle, could it be that I forgot that my mother knows medicine very well."

Back then , Laura rescued Lord Chancery, which was a good story in the whole Capital.

Second Leader's father is a Pazika family branch house, so he naturally knows more than others. Laura is not only good at Medical Sciences, but also Poison Science.

Second Leader felt numb all over his body, he couldn't use his hands and legs, and when he heard what she said, he broke into a cold sweat immediately, and hurriedly blamed the dead man in the woodshed.

"It's not me, it's really not me who wants to kill you, it's her, it's all that wicked woman, it's because she can't tolerate you, I've already killed her, it's considered revenge for you..."

Husband and wife are originally birds in the same forest, and they fly separately when disaster strikes.

Najwa Pazika was too lazy to listen to his nonsense, and asked straightforwardly: "Who is the big guy in Beijing?"

"It's Your Excellency Rose Prayer Rug."Second Leader was not stupid. Seeing that Najwa Pazika had returned, he thought that the two killers had already suffered, so he blurted out, but when he saw the cold light in Najwa Pazika hands, he immediately changed his words .

"When they came, they said that they were ordered by the Your Excellency, so I only charged them a hush money of ten taels of silver coins. I really don't know who is behind it. I just heard from my father that it seems to be someone from the Main Palace. .”

In the Main Palace?

Rose Prayer Rug 's natal sister is a big guy in the Main Palace .

Could it be that Rose Prayer Rug even alarmed his own sister in order to kill her?

Just as he was thinking, he heard a few hasty knocks on the door, followed by a thick male voice.

"Is the Second Leader here? We are from the Magistrate's Mansion, and we are here to pick up Miss Er back to Beijing."

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