chapter 9 see who dares

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Rose Prayer Rug quickly explained: "This soup is made by my daughter-in-law according to the recipe in the Main Palace. The ingredients are fresh, and the hands are all born in the Mansion Official."

"grandmother loves Mira, and Mira will never harm grandmother."Almira Pazika seemed to suddenly think of it, "The second sister just took the spoon, could it be that the second sister left the Mansion for four years, and she took the poison with a grudge? down into the soup..."

After Almira Pazika finished speaking, she covered her mouth with a silk handkerchief in a panic, and looked at Najwa Pazika timidly, as if she was concerned about her sisterhood and wanted to hide it, but she had to say it because she felt sorry for grandmother.

Concubine Atiqoh also accused, "Why is the second girl so vicious, how can you say that the old lady is also your grandmother, you are so vicious, it is extremely vicious."

"Say,"Judge Pazika snapped his chopsticks immediately, glared at Najwa Pazika and roared angrily, "What poison did you inflict on mother?"

Najwa Pazika looked at the soup bowl calmly, "Daddy may have forgotten that this soup is not only drunk by grandmother, but also by Aunt Jiang and I, oh no, mother."

Rose Prayer Rug's eyes were filled with hatred, "You are sister Lan's daughter. When you were young, you often went to the pharmacy of The genius physician Harinda. While we were not paying attention, you administered some poison and then took the antidote yourself. Is it impossible?"

I don't know if the old lady bowed her body deliberately in order to cooperate with her, looking more uncomfortable than before.

Judge Pazika face was gloomy, and his voice became even colder, "Hurry up and take out the antidote, we are all a family, so as not to make a fuss with Board Officials and lose the face of Magistrate's Mansion."

Oh, it's true that every man is innocent, but he is guilty of the crime.

"Since my father insisted that the poison was caused by Najwa, it would be useless for Najwa to say more. However, Najwa's Medical Sciences have indeed achieved something, so why not help grandmother to heal her."

Najwa Pazika's voice was extremely cold, and her eyes were looking at Almira Pazika. She was so young and had such vicious thoughts. She was indeed a good daughter taught by the Rose Prayer Rug.

Almira Pazika felt the unkindness in her eyes, and just wanted to remind the old lady to pay attention, but the silver needle in Najwa Pazika 's hand directly pierced the old lady's temple.

The old lady only felt a pain, and she just wanted to faint, but the pain disappeared immediately, and her whole head and body became extremely light, and even her eyes were clearer than before. She straightened up and looked around in disbelief. Even the corners of his eyes are smiling.


Najwa Pazika said lightly, "It seems that grandmother's poison has been cured."

Of course she was aware of the abnormality of the old lady's body, but when she thought of letting Najwa Pazika propose to divorce herself, she put on airs again.

"For the sake of detoxifying me, I won't pursue the matter of poisoning too much. You go back tonight and copy "Women's ethics" and "Women's standards" a hundred times..."

Najwa Pazika sneered, pulled out the silver needle and dipped it in the old lady's soup, but the silver needle didn't change in any way.

"grandmother, Najwa didn't detoxify you just now, but she saw her having a headache and kindly gave grandmother grandmother to alleviate it, and there is no poison in this soup at all, if you don't believe it, you can ask a doctor to take a look. "

As he spoke, he winked at Yuna behind him, "Yuna, go to Umaria Hall and invite the best doctor to come to Magistrate's Mansion."

Yuna nodded quickly, "Yes, Second Miss."

"Wait," the old lady cherishes her life the most on weekdays. She just wants to set up a trick to force Najwa Pazika to submit, and she won't really take poison. If she really invites the doctor, it will be a joke for outsiders.

"I feel better now, let's observe and see first."

"Since it's poisoning, most of them are emergencies."Najwa Pazika had seen the old lady's double-faced ability a long time ago, and she was not in a hurry to expose it. After all, someone will ask her to make decisions later.

"grandmother is like this, did she eat something unclean?"

Seeing her calm and composed appearance, the old lady couldn't hold back for a while. This kind of calm and unhurried appearance may be more suitable for the world of motherhood and for the benefit of the family.

It's just that her face is indeed too similar to her mother's.

Laura was originally the wife's children family, and her style of behavior was highly recognized by famous families in the Capital, which made her, a mother-in-law, feel a lot of pressure, and Rose Prayer Rug was originally her natal niece, and she was always the main one. The reason why she has always been partial to Rose Prayer Rug mother and daughter.

The shrewd Judge Pazika knows his mother's thoughts like the palm of his hand, seeing that Najwa Pazika is well versed in Medical Sciences and has a tough attitude in matters of marriage, he doesn't want to do too much on the surface.

"Sumei will send someone to the back kitchen to see if any of the new maids are not doing well."

When mentioning the maid, Rose Prayer Rug immediately made another plan.

"The concubine is really happy and confused. Yuna is the first-class servant girl next to Sister Liu, how can she stay here to serve the second young lady, go to the back kitchen and get some snacks for Sister Liu and Frodo."

Before Yuna followed Concubine Liao and treated her respectfully, as soon as Najwa Pazika came back, she dared to refute her, to see how she taught this little hoof.

Hearing the sound, the Old maid and maid behind Rose Prayer Rug immediately went to pull Yuna.

Yuna was so frightened that her face paled, and she looked at Najwa Pazika helplessly, her voice trembling, "Second Miss..."

"Mother,"Najwa Pazika's eyes flashed coldly, and she frightened the Old maid and the eldest maid on the spot, "Yuna has taken good care of me in the past half month, since she was sent by Concubine Liao to pick me Mansion If you want to send it off, I will naturally go there in person."

Her voice was as cold as ice, not loud, but full of intimidation, making Judge Pazika in a trance for a moment. He seemed to be able to see the aura of this second daughter only in the generals of the imperial court.

"What are you doing in a daze?" Seeing that Judge Pazika's gaze had been fixed on Najwa Pazika, Rose Prayer Rug's anger suddenly became unbearable, and he immediately ordered the Old maid and the maidservant, "Take Yuna down."

The eldest maid obviously had some skills, she wanted to hold Yuna with the Old maid on the left and the right, Yuna was so frightened that her legs went limp and she wanted to kneel down.

"Forgive me, I beg Your Excellency to spare this slave."

Najwa Pazika immediately pulled her up and protected her behind her, letting Ju Muzana , the big maid who had just touched the corner of Yuna clothes, rush into the air.

"I see who dares to take her away today!"

Her cold voice was indifferent to the bone, and the sharp light in her clever eyes shocked everyone.

It was difficult for them to connect this indifferent second lady with the silent little transparent before.

She just stood there, her small body seemed to have great strength, pressing down on everyone's chests, and the atmosphere in the hall that suddenly became quiet was extremely oppressive.

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