chapter 16 Blind command

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But when everyone saw Najwa Pazika, they were all shocked. Although she was thin and dressed in ordinary clothes, her demeanor was eye-catching. Moreover, she seemed more comfortable and attractive than Almira Pazika.

Najwa Pazika stepped forward to salute, neither humble nor overbearing, calm and composed, causing everyone to ignore Almira Pazika for a while.

This woman has nothing to do with a "village girl".

Almira Pazika squeezed her fingers fiercely, and while saluting to the Sixth Princess, she explained: "Second sister has never been in the palace, so I ask the Sixth Princess to forgive me for being rude."

The Sixth Princess was originally attracted by Najwa Pazika's temperament. Hearing this, she immediately filled her face with anger, pointed at Najwa Pazika and asked sharply, "Say, why don't you answer my Palace Master's question directly?"

Najwa Pazika sneered, she didn't know if the Sixth Princess had brains or not, being used as a spear by Almira Pazika.

"I don't know how the princess wants to hear the answer from the minister? The minister has just returned to the Capital, but if the minister is a village girl, then sister Yun, who is also the daughter of the Magistrate's Mansion wife's children, is not the sister of the village girl?"

"You,"the Sixth Princess didn't expect Najwa Pazika to be so sharp-tongued, and just about to speak out, she heard a violent cough.

The woman in light yellow clothes held onto the door frame as soon as she entered the door. She had difficulty breathing, coughed continuously, her face was livid, and she was dripping with cold sweat.

She is Herlin Kenza , the wife's children of Zuo Xiang, who was weak since she was a child, and she would wheeze and cough at every turn. Over the years, Ministerial Building has seen several famous doctors, but she has not been cured after constant decoctions.

"Miss, miss, how are you?" The servant girl supporting her was full of anxiety. Seeing that her lips were blue and unable to speak, she knelt down and begged for help, "prince Royal Highness, please help my young lady."

The prince quickly ordered the servant outside the door, "Come here, hurry up and call the doctor."

Najwa Pazika, who was closest to her, hurriedly pulled her. First, she was a doctor, and the medical ethics deep in her soul prevented her from turning a blind eye to a life. Second, Herlin Kenza was the only one outside who didn't laugh at her just now.

"Come with me to help your young lady out of the palace. It was too cold outside and she suddenly entered the palace to be warm, which caused her to have an asthma attack."

Herlin Kenza's servant girl quickly nodded and complied.

The prince stopped him immediately, and said coldly: "Najwa Pazika, what are you going to do? Do you want to hurt Yuerou?"

He also needs the veteran forces headed by Prime Minister Zuo.

"Your Highness, she is having trouble breathing now. If she doesn't give first aid, the symptoms of hypoxia will only get worse. If this continues, she will die. Please ask my servant to save her."Najwa Pazika said anxiously.

"Sister knows Medical Sciences?"Almira Pazika naturally noticed the strangeness of the prince, and a trace of resentment suddenly flashed in her big beautiful eyes, "My sister has never heard of it."

The Sixth Princess immediately yelled, "Najwa Pazika, get out of the way, it's because you are there that Miss Zhao can't stop breathing."

The crowd followed suit.

"How can a woman in a boudoir Medical Sciences?"

"Even if you know it, it's just superficial. There's no such thing as a doctor in a Imperial Clinic ."

"She just wants to show off and let the prince look at her more."

The prince immediately scolded with a dark face, "The doctor will be here soon, you hurry and go."

He also told the maids at the door, "It's too cold outside, quickly help Miss Zhao into the palace."

The maid hurriedly took orders, but when Herlin Kenza first entered the palace gate, her breathing became more rapid, she didn't even have the strength to lift her feet, her mouth was wide open like a fish out of water, and she looked extremely painful.

"Your Highness, Miss Zhao is out of breath." The maid shouted hastily.

Hearing this, the prince face turned pale. If Herlin Kenza died here, wouldn't Meneteri Kenza want to hate him.

"doctor, why hasn't the doctor come?"

The little maid knelt down and replied: "Your Highness, the imperial doctor on duty was hit on the head by an ice strip falling from the eaves on the way here, and passed out."


The prince angrily stepped forward and kicked the little maid, "Hurry up and invite another doctor."

Najwa Pazika saw that the palace maid was still helping Herlin Kenza, who was in a very uncomfortable situation, into the hall, and suddenly became furious, and rushed forward, pushing the palace maid away, "She was allergic to the heat in the palace just now, and you actually brought her into the palace, If something happens to her today, it will be your fault."

Then, she said to the stunned servant girl: "If you don't want your lady to have something to do, just do as I say."

The maid hurriedly helped Najwa Pazika to help her own lady out. Just now, the lady was obviously breathing better, but it was all directed by prince Royal Highness.

But Almira Pazika has heard that if she can't breathe for a quarter of an hour, she won't be able to save her. Now it's been a long time, if Najwa Pazika doesn't save Herlin Kenza, without her doing anything, Prime Minister Zuo won't be able to forgive her She can do multiple things by herself.

"The Imperial Clinic is still some distance away from the Long Palace of the Soul, why don't you let the second sister try."

When the prince heard this, a look of joy immediately appeared in his cold eyes. Since Najwa Pazika sharpened her head to attract his attention, then the responsibility should be transferred to her.

"Okay, I allow you to save Miss Zhao first. If she has something to do today, I will ask you!"

Najwa Pazika found a leeward place and asked Herlin Kenza to sit down. While patting her on the back, she mobilized her consciousness in the blind spot of everyone's sight, and a tube of albuterol aerosol was hidden in her sleeve, "Open your mouth and take a deep breath." .”

"Is that medicine?"

"There's no need to boil soup, it's just some smoke. Can this thing really cure Miss Zhao's illness?"

"Miss Mu San said just now that Miss Mu Er has never studied Medical Sciences, so I don't believe she can cure diseases."

Everyone was surprised.

At this moment, the little maid outside the door screamed: "The emperor is here, and the queen is here."

Immediately afterwards, the emperor in the bright yellow dragon robe and the queen in the bright red phoenix robe were surrounded by a group of court ladies.

Seeing everyone standing in the courtyard, both of them were stunned, "What's going on?"

The prince hurriedly led everyone forward to salute, "After reporting to my father and mother, Ms. Zhao suddenly suffered from an old illness, and Ms. Mu Er is being treated for treatment, but this method is really special."

He skipped over the details of how he handled the matter, and even sneered at Najwa Pazika.

"Oh?"The queen raised her eyebrows suspiciously, and looked at Najwa Pazika with disdain, "The second girl of the Mu family knows Medical Sciences?"

Almira Pazika wished that Herlin Kenza would die now, so that the emperor and queen would punish her for her crimes. Viciousness flashed in her beautiful eyes, and she said softly, "Perhaps the second elder sister had learned some superficial medicine with Qing Shen when she was young."

"Just learn to be brave, who can remember what happened when I was young? If the girl from the Zhao family has an accident, what will she give to Meneteri Kenza?"The queen's face froze immediately, and she immediately ordered to the Imperial Clinic Officer her: "Hurry up and take a look."

The Officer is rushing forward with all the doctor, not forgetting to shirk responsibility, "The minister has decocted the medicine, it stands to reason that Ms. Zhao will be relieved after taking the decoction, but after being treated by Miss Mu Er, I am afraid that Ms. Zhao will not be able to wait." The minister's medicine."

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