chapter 12 Concubine Liao

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Rose Prayer Rug gave her a wink, in front of the crown prince, she must not lose her ladylike dignity.

"prince Highness is the future crown prince, and the one who can match him must be a talented and beautiful woman like Mira."

The prince looked at Najwa Pazika with disgust, "You and Mira are simply incomparable."

Almira Pazika's expression softened slightly, and she looked at the prince shyly.

Najwa Pazika looked at the pair of scumbags, and sneered, "Then wish the two grandchildren a happy house in advance."

Infertility, full of children and grandchildren!

That's right, the prince looks strong on the outside, but the inside has been hollowed out a long time ago. If Najwa Pazika, who has studied Chinese medicine, guessed correctly, the prince must take medicine every time he has intercourse...

"Najwa is indeed a sensible and good boy," the old lady smiled very kindly, as long as she divorced today, she will still be able to decide what to do in this house from now on.

Judge Pazika didn't even bother to look at her out of the corner of his eyes, and said to the prince with a face of shame: "Young girl is reckless, I have to trouble Your Highness to take care of you."

The prince is already used to being flattered by others, plus holding Najwa Pazika's jade ring in his hand, and seeing Almira Pazika's sweet smile, he feels that his life is about to reach the peak of insanity.

Just wait until after the big wedding, and become a director of the Imperial School, and you can have the whole world in your hands.

When Wei's mother and daughter looked at her, they were even more mocking and disdainful. What about the wife's children of the first wife, without the support of the family, she couldn't even keep a good marriage. She is not as good as Farrah Pazika, a Concubine Children.

"In that case, I'll go back to the yard first."

After the matter was settled, Najwa Pazika stretched her waist and walked away. She doesn't like to worry about unnecessary people and things.

Najwa Pazika was not in a hurry to go back to the yard, but took Yuna to Concubine Liao's willow garden.

Yuna was full of regret, but during this time together, she also knew that Najwa Pazika was an assertive person, so she just bowed her head and followed without speaking.

Concubine Liao's yard is on the west side of the Mansion Official, farthest from Judge Pazika's study and the front yard.

Looking at the simple courtyard, Najwa Pazika felt familiar.

In her previous life, she was an orphan and was picked up by an aunt in the village. Her aunt's husband died early and left behind a weak and sickly posthumous child. The three of them snuggled together in a simple courtyard, about the size of this place.

"Auntie, Second Miss is back,"Yuna happily went in and called Concubine Liao.

"Good boy, it's cold outside, come in and have a rest."

Concubine Liao lifted the curtain and came out, dressed in plain clothes, with only a simple silver hairpin on her head, but her face was full of joy, obviously she had been waiting for her.

Beside her was a little boy with a pale face and a very weak look. He looked at her timidly, "Frodo I met my second sister."

Najwa Pazika couldn't help being a little stunned. In her previous life, she, her aunt and younger brother lived by picking up garbage and subsidies. When her aunt saw that she liked to read, she gave her a dowry for her to go to school. She also determined to be a good doctor since she was young. He cured her younger brother's illness, but before she graduated, her younger brother died, and her aunt also died of depression.

This is also the reason why she later decided to carry out an undercover mission. There is no one to care about in the world, and she has nothing to fear even if her body is smashed to pieces.

In the memory of the real body , Concubine Liao was just a gentle and docile woman. Perhaps because the real body owner was too young, her appearance has always been blurred. Now it seems that Concubine Liao's eyebrows and eyes are seven times the same as her aunt in the previous life. Especially when smiling, and Frodo Pazika pale face is exactly the same as his brother in the previous life.

Najwa Pazika was in a daze, which might be the reason for her coming here.

Seeing that she didn't stare at him coldly like other sisters, Frodo Pazika was a little bolder than before, and gently pulled her sleeve, "Second sister, come into the room quickly, mother has prepared tea and snacks early in the morning, Just waiting for you to come."

Seeing that Frodo Pazika was panting after a little activity, his forehead was covered with fine sweat, but his eyes were full of anticipation, Najwa Pazika couldn't help but nodded, "Okay."

"Frodo,"Concubine Liao wiped Frodo Pazika sweat with a smile, and looked at Najwa Pazika cautiously, "Don't stain your second sister's clothes."

Frodo Pazika quickly withdrew his hand and looked at her fawningly.

"It's okay,"Najwa Pazika took Frodo Pazika's little hand, "I've been busy all this way, my clothes have already been covered with snow, so don't dislike me Frodo."

Hearing this, Concubine Liao and Frodo Pazika both showed joyful smiles. I heard from Uncle Oslan that the Second Miss was no longer submissive, timid, decisive and brave like before.

Now it seems that Najwa Pazika is still the previous Najwa Pazika, and she is still willing to get close to the two of them.

The tables and chairs in the room are very simple, and the paint on the corner of the table has been worn off, but they are all cleaned spotlessly.

Frodo Pazika chose the best seat for Najwa Pazika, "Second Sister, sit down quickly, today's tea is prepared by Mother herself, it's delicious."

The room was filled with the aroma of tea and snacks, which made Najwa Pazika's heart soften. She picked up a piece of snack and stuffed it into Frodo Pazika hand, and took a sip of the tea herself.

Concubine Liao said modestly: "This is what I learned from Madam before, and this concubine is dull, and the taste is not half as good as Madam's."

"The tea is delicious."

Najwa Pazika smiled lightly and said, "Thanks to my aunt's plan, I was able to return to Beijing."

Concubine Liao was slightly stunned, she raised her eyes to look at the woman in front of her, this Second Miss was indeed different from before, but she couldn't tell what was different.

"The concubine didn't help too much, but Yuna and I were lucky enough to meet the aunt in charge next to the queen Her Majesty the Queen. The concubine asked Yuna to send some money to the aunt in charge, so that she could find a suitable time to mention Madam in front of the Her Majesty the Queen mother. Forget it, it is the master and the Your Excellency who will take the second young lady back Mansion ."

A woman from an aristocratic family in Beijing is like a crucian carp crossing the river. If she hadn't offered money to remind her, how could the queen mother and her elders have the leisure time to remember the wife's children of the little Magistrate's Mansion who has been away from Beijing for four years.

Najwa Pazika could tell that Concubine Liao and Frodo Pazika had a hard time in the Mansion Official, "Why don't you leave the money from selling jewelry to Frodo for medical treatment?"

If Concubine Liao is willing to flatter Rose Prayer Rug like Concubine Atiqoh did, and leave some money for Mu Ziming's medical treatment, the life of the two of them will definitely be better than now.

"The concubine's background is not high, but she is not an ungrateful person."

Concubine Liao eyes were determined, "The maidservant's parents died back then, and she was almost sold to a brothel by her uncle and aunt. It was the wife who bought the maidservant and concubine to stay with her when she saw how pitiful she was, and even helped her to bury her parents.

"Although she works as a servant girl by Madam's side, Madam never treats maidservants and concubines as human beings, and even teaches them to read, write, and understand medicinal materials.

"The concubine's life is given by the madam, and the lady who is most worried about it is the second miss, and the concubine will help the second miss even if she puts her life on the line.

"Now that the second young lady is back, when she gets married into the prince Mansion next year or later, life will be fine in the future."

Yuna said in a low voice: "Auntie, Second Miss has already called off the marriage."

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