chapter 2 Wife, long time no see

by Jayden 10:55,Sep 19,2023
Skylar Qin had already risen from the stone stool and was accompanied by a somewhat unanticipated individual, likely in his mid-twenties, donning glasses, possessing delicate features and an air of scholarly grace. They departed amidst casual conversation and laughter.
D*mn! Where did this jerk come from?
Quintin Fang seethed with frustration. Just moments ago, he encountered his ex-girlfriend and couldn't muster the courage to exchange a few words. All to make a good impression on Skylar Qin during their first encounter.
Now, it turned out he inadvertently played matchmaker to a bespectacled fellow.
Contemplating, Quintin Fang suppressed the urge to march up and give the bespectacled guy a sound thrashing, pointing at his nose and saying, "Kid, stay away from my wife, or else I'll knock you out."
Yet, in this moment of impulsivity, his sliver of rationality held him back.
He was no longer the impulsive, restless young lad of yesteryears. He had grown into a psychologically mature man who understood the importance of careful planning before action, weighed the pros and cons, and knew what actions would be in his best interest.
What mattered now was finding out whether Skylar Qin had a boyfriend and whether his arrival from the future would alter her history of not having a boyfriend during her college days and not acting like a clown, making a fuss.
In the end, Quintin Fang glanced at the retreating figures of Skylar Qin and her companion, then turned and headed back to the dormitory to seek help from his roommates.
Quintin Fang resided in Room 320 of Building 14 in the East Quadrant.
Upon his return, he found only a well-dressed, chubby guy in the dorm, meticulously applying hair gel and fixing his hairstyle.
Quintin Fang's eyes brightened. This chubby guy's name was Tony Liu.
He was the second oldest among the eight brothers in Quintin Fang's dorm.
Tony Liu always fancied himself a love guru.
However, despite pursuing numerous girls, he never succeeded. Yet, despite formidable talent, he consistently turned the girls he liked into close friends.
In a very pure sense.
In the dorm, if one asked who had the best way with women, it was undoubtedly him.
Only he could discreetly inquire if Skylar Qin had a boyfriend and who the bespectacled man had been so close to her a moment ago.
“Quintin, you've returned just in time. I was just about to find you!"
At this moment, the chubby guy noticed Quintin Fang. He delicately adjusted his hair, saying, "I have Nothing to do this afternoon, so I'm going out on a date with the eldest! I've set up a date with Iris Zhang and a beauty from her dorm. Tell me if you find someone you like, and I'll play matchmaker for you!"
"Uh... Let's talk about this later." Quintin Fang rolled his eyes. He wasn't in the mood to accompany Tony Liu on a date. He casually responded and then proceeded to approach him with a playful smile. "Hey, I need a favor!"
"Call me by my name!"
Tony Liu halted his hand movements and emphasized, "Whatever it is, just say it. I will help you, whether I can or cannot."
Even though Quintin Fang knew Tony Liu wouldn't refuse, he still felt a warm glow inside when Tony Liu readily agreed.
In the previous life, Tony Liu had assisted him a lot during their school days. Even after graduating and going their separate ways, a call to Tony Liu would result in immediate assistance without any questions.
In fact, of the 100,000 he had gathered from the future, 30,000 was borrowed from Tony Liu.
Quintin Fang glanced at Tony Liu with gratitude and carefully chose his words. "Tony, can you find out if Skylar Qin from the School of Management, Department of Business Administration, has a boyfriend?"
"Quintin, I treat you like a brother, and you don't even care about me!" Tony Liu was taken aback, halting his actions and staring at Quintin Fang.
Quintin Fang was puzzled, "What's wrong?"
"What's wrong? Do you know that Skylar Qin is roommates with Iris Zhang?" Tony Liu said irritably.
Quintin Fang was stunned. In the previous life during this time, he was still immersed in the sorrow of breaking up with Hazel Wang and only knew that Tony Liu was pursuing a girl.
But Tony Liu pursued so many girls that he had become indifferent to the abundance.
He never expected such a coincidence. The girl Tony Liu was pursuing, Iris Zhang, was not only a student in the School of Management but also roommates with Skylar Qin.
Thinking about it, Quintin Fang suddenly remembered the bespectacled man. Disregarding the awkwardness, he hastily asked, "Does Skylar Qin have a boyfriend?"
"I've heard from Iris Zhang that most of the girls in their dorm are single, including Skylar Qin!" Tony Liu shook his head.
Quintin Fang breathed a sigh of relief as the history didn't seem to be altered. Then he remembered the bespectacled man and asked, puzzled, "But wait! Just now. Skylar Qin was chatting and laughing with a bespectacled man, appearing very close. Does that mean they're dating?"
"Looking close means they're dating? I'm very close with many of my female friends, does that mean we're dating?" Tony Liu responded with exasperation.
Quintin Fang was momentarily taken aback. True, today's university students weren't as indulgent as future students; most were relatively innocent. Just because a guy and a girl chatted didn't necessarily mean they were dating.
It seemed that he had been overthinking this!
Quintin Fang relaxed for a moment. As long as Skylar Qin had no boyfriend, he had time and confidence to win her over. He only worried if Skylar Qin had a boyfriend.
He knew Skylar Qin was a woman of deep feelings and great kindness. Once she committed to someone, she would overlook all their shortcomings and silently support them.
He would lament if he missed out on such a homely and kind-hearted woman.
"Wait a minute, Quintin! When did you start getting interested in Skylar Qin? Aren’t you still in love with Hazel Wang?" Tony Liu, seeing Quintin Fang so concerned about Skylar Qin, couldn't help but tease, remembering Quintin Fang's pitiful state during the days of his breakup with Hazel Wang.
"What? We broke up over half a year ago. Come on!" Quintin Fang shrugged and added, "By the way, what time did you arrange with them?"
"At 6 PM this afternoon. Why?" Tony Liu asked suspiciously.
Quintin Fang shrugged again and said, "Nothing, I just wanted to ask if there's enough time to change your shirt. You've got quite a bit of hair gel on your white shirt."
"D*mn it!" Tony Liu looked down and saw a lump of hair gel on his white shirt at the chest, discolored and very conspicuous. He cursed, quickly changing into a different shirt.
Quintin Fang chuckled and began changing, looking forward to meeting with Skylar Qin in the afternoon.
At 5:30 PM, all eight roommates in Quintin Fang's dorm, dressed to impress, gathered at the school gate, waiting.
Feeling bored, Quintin Fang noticed that Tony Liu's white shirt was tight, with the buttons struggling to hold on amidst his abundant flesh. He couldn't help but comment, "Tony, you should change into a different white shirt! After all, it's a date, and the other party brought her roommates. This outfit doesn't seem appropriate!"
"You don't understand. This is about style. Haven't you noticed the way I turn heads now?" Tony Liu said confidently, touching his hair and whistling at passing students, eliciting giggles from them.
Quintin Fang twitched his mouth, "Tony..."
"Quintin, stop worrying about me. Focus on how to woo Skylar Qin!" Tony Liu waved his hand, cutting off Quintin Fang, and continued, "I've heard from Iris Zhang that Skylar Qin didn't have a boyfriend during her university days. She turned down quite a few suitors!"
Mentioning Skylar Qin, Quintin Fang exuded confidence, "Rest assured, once I get to know my dear Skylar, I'm sure I can win her over!"
"Pfft..." Tony Liu and the others raised their middle fingers.
"Hmph, don't bother me!" Quintin Fang snorted and scanned a group of extravagantly dressed girls leaving the campus, saying, "Here they come!"
Tony Liu and the others, nearly instinctively, adjusted their clothes.
Meanwhile, Quintin Fang's gaze fell on Skylar Qin, a relatively quiet and modestly dressed figure among the group. He smiled faintly.
Long time no see, my love.


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