chapter 5 No one knows the Internet better than me

by Jayden 10:55,Sep 19,2023
The next day, at half past six in the morning.
Quintin Fang woke up on time from his slumber, opening his eyes and lying in bed momentarily. His groggy head cleared a bit, and he caught a pungent, alcoholic stench.
He quickly sat up from the bed, covering his nose, leaning over to look. The seven of them, including Tony Liu, were sprawled on the dormitory floor in disarray.
There was a puddle of vomit on the floor.
This disgusted Quintin Fang.
Holding his breath, he hurriedly put on his clothes, jumped off the upper bunk near the window, and hastily opened the window. After taking a few deep breaths, he approached Tony Liu and the others.
He pushed and shouted a few times but couldn't wake them up.
Helpless, Quintin Fang didn't care if it was crowded. He directly dragged Tony Liu and the others to the four beds in the room.
Afterwards, he cleaned the room and left the dormitory, heading towards the football field near the campus. He found a secluded spot and began doing exercises like burpees and push-ups.
This early morning exercise routine had only started for Quintin Fang after he returned from the future.
Having gone through a lifetime, he realized clearly that one's health was the foundation of everything. In his previous life, working as a programmer in a company, he sat in front of the computer daily. He sat for the whole day, either typing code or monitoring stocks and futures. The severe lack of exercise made him feel weak and out of shape, even in his thirties, affecting his performance in bed.
Now, with a fresh start in this life, even though he was over ten years younger, he didn't want to repeat the same mistakes with his health.
So, cultivating good lifestyle habits was extremely necessary.
In the blink of an eye, Quintin Fang completed five sets of one hundred burpees, five sets of one hundred sit-ups, five sets of one hundred push-ups, and ran three laps around the football field, sweating profusely. He stopped the morning exercise routine.
After leaving the football field, Quintin Fang went to the canteen, had breakfast, and bought seven buns and soy milk. He returned to the dormitory.
At this moment, Tony Liu and the others were still sound asleep.
Quintin Fang shook his head, placed the breakfast on the dormitory table, picked up his toiletries, and went to the washroom to freshen up, taking a cold shower.
Just as he returned to the dormitory and changed into fresh clothes, his phone rang.
Quintin Fang picked up the Nokia 7650 from the table and looked at the caller ID. It was from the customer manager named Ella Su. Soon, a smile crept across his face.
Ella Su was his client manager for stocks and futures. Later, due to smooth cooperation and her study pursuit at Vermillion University abroad, she was poached by Titan Vault. She returned to her home country as a born overseas talent out of patriotism.
Without hesitation, Quintin Fang lured her to be his full-time secretary with a sky-high salary and promising future prospects.
Since he came back from the future and made his first billion in the futures market, his dreams and ambitions from his previous life grew, or rather, inflated. In his earlier life, he admired Erma, but in this life, he wanted to surpass him.
So, the first item on his surpassing plan was to outstrip ByteSphere, which had a market value higher than TradeNex and LinkBook. He also wanted to surpass Jared Ma with his Futurix project.
He had already thought of the name. It was Futurix.
Thus, the first task he entrusted Ella Su was recruiting and assembling a development team for Futurix.
The call came at this moment, likely with good news about forming the team.
Sure enough, Quintin Fang answered the call.
"Boss, the team I was supposed to assemble for Futurix is ready. When will you have time to meet the team?" a clear and pleasant voice sounded from the other end of the phone.
Quintin Fang glanced at the time and said, "I'm free right now. You pick a place, and I'll take a cab there!"
"Let's meet at the cafe at Oceanaries Hotel! I've arranged for them to stay at this hotel."
"Okay, I'm on my way!"
Quintin Fang hung up the phone, glanced at Tony Liu and the others, shook his head, left the dormitory, and arrived at the school gate. He hailed a taxi and headed to the Oceanaries Hotel.
Half an hour later…
At the entrance of the Oceanaries Hotel in Sorceria City.
After the taxi stopped, Quintin Fang paid and exited the car, heading straight towards the hotel entrance.
Just as he reached the hotel entrance, he ran into his ex-girlfriend Hazel Wang, who was clinging to a short, chubby young man, her ex-boyfriend, coming out of the hotel.
Her hair was somewhat damp, and her face had a faint blush, a post-bliss look.
Having been through such experiences before, Quintin Fang could tell what was going on between them at a glance, and a sly smile involuntarily played on his lips.
If he remembered correctly, this short, chubby young man was the one who had given Hazel Wang's current boyfriend, Roy Zhang, a hat with a coloured brim.
"Quintin Fang, what are you doing here?" Hazel Wang was a bit flustered as if caught red-handed stealing something. She almost instinctively distanced herself from the chubby young man.
Quintin Fang said calmly, "Why can't I be here?"
"You, a poor guy, can afford to spend in such a luxurious five-star hotel?"
Seeing Quintin Fang's indifferent appearance, Hazel Wang felt uncomfortable and couldn't help but sneer.
Ring, ring, ring!
Just as Quintin Fang was about to speak, his phone suddenly rang.
Hazel Wang was inexplicably delighted. A phone was quite a rarity; it cost a few thousand at least. At least ninety per cent of the students didn't have a phone in the school. The remaining few had pagers.
The students who could afford a phone were those from well-off families.
Unfortunately, her current boyfriend had a phone.
Thinking about it, Hazel Wang provocatively glanced at Quintin Fang, linked arms with the chubby young man, and coquettishly said, "Darling, your phone is ringing!"
"It's not mine!" The chubby young man took a Nokia 8650 from his pocket and looked at it, shaking his head.
"Not yours, then whose is it?" Hazel Wang didn't finish her sentence and saw Quintin Fang taking a Nokia 7560 from his pocket, answering the call. Her pupils slightly contracted. He... he bought a phone?
How was that possible? He only had a monthly living allowance of three hundred and fifty; where did he get the money to buy a phone?
And a phone that costs over four thousand.
After kicking him and fooling around with two boyfriends, I finally managed to coax this guy into promising to buy me a phone.
He, a poor guy, actually bought one first?
Quintin Fang paid no attention to this and continued on the call, smiling. "I'm already here. Keep them company for a while, I'll be up soon!"
Ending the call, he casually put the phone in his pocket and looked at Hazel Wang, who seemed somewhat distracted. He was slightly surprised but didn't think much of it. He said earnestly, "Whether I'm poor or not has nothing to do with you. Where I go also has nothing to do with you. You better take care of yourself. If you flirt too much, the boat might capsize!"
"I don't know what you're talking about!" Hazel Wang turned pale, pretending to be calm.
Quintin Fang gave her a meaningful smile and walked past her.
Watching Quintin Fang's departing figure, the chubby young man suddenly felt slightly envious. "Hazel, is this guy also from our school? His family seems quite wealthy! Buying a phone that costs over four thousand for him!"
He had wanted to change his phone for a while, but his family always considered him a student, and already having a phone, they refused to get him a new one.
His family's three thousand monthly allowance was insufficient for daily expenses; he couldn't save up for a new phone.
"He's my ex-boyfriend, Quintin Fang, I mentioned before!" Hazel Wang's thoughts were in disarray, and she said casually.
The chubby young man was stunned; Quintin Fang? Wait, didn't you say your ex-boyfriend's family is poor? Is there a low-income family who can casually take out a phone worth over four thousand?
Did she have some misunderstanding about the term 'poor family'?

He walked into the hotel. Quintin Fang, led by the waiter, arrived at the coffee shop on the third floor.
"Mr. Fang, here..." As he entered the coffee shop, a stylish, attractive urban woman in an all-white professional suit and light makeup was waving at Quintin Fang from a distance.
It was none other than Ella Su.
Quintin Fang, led by the waiter, arrived at the coffee shop on the third floor.
"Mr. Fang, here..." As he entered the coffee shop, a stylish, attractive urban woman in an all-white professional suit and light makeup was waving at Quintin Fang from a distance.
It was none other than Ella Su.
Quintin Fang thanked the waiter and went straight over. He glanced around the area near Ella Su's seat, where there were about ten young men aged between twenty-five and thirty-five.
"Mr. Fang, let me introduce you..." Ella Su was about to introduce when another well-dressed young man around twenty-five arrogantly interrupted.
"Are you Mr. Fang? Are you still a student?" the young man said, oozing with arrogance.
Ella Su looked at the young man, frowned, and said, "Eric Zhang, what do you mean..."
Before she could finish speaking, Quintin Fang interrupted with a wave of his hand. He casually looked at the others, and a trace of hesitation appeared on their faces, knowing that his age might make them doubt.
He smiled, "That's right, I'm a student, a first-year student at Fuda University."
"Hmph, a student wanting to start an internet company? That's laughable. Do you even understand the internet?" Eric Zhang sneered and prepared to leave.
"Who says a student can't start an internet company? As for understanding the internet..."
Quintin Fang paused, glanced at everyone, and confidently said, "To be blunt, among everyone here, no one understands the internet better than me!"
Arrogant, too arrogant!
Everyone looked at each other, all having the same thoughts.
They all worked in internet companies. While they wouldn't claim to be experts, they were undoubtedly more knowledgeable about the internet than those outside the industry. And Quintin Fang, barely out of his teens, confidently claimed to understand the internet better than them.
Starting a business with such a person, they might end up not knowing how they failed in the end.
Five more people stood up at this moment.
"Ridiculous! Do you think you understand the internet better than us?" Eric Zhang sneered.
Quintin Fang remained unruffled and smiled, "The internet originated in Micanterra. Currently, there are over five hundred million internet users globally. According to statistics, the future annual growth rate in the Orientacium region will reach about thirty percent."
"And our country is in the midst of a demographic dividend, set to become the largest single market for internet users globally!"
The five people who stood exchanged glances and sat down again.
Although the young man in front of them was speaking in terms of data, this level of understanding was not something an ordinary person possessed.
Especially now, with the internet in a winter period, most people are concerned about its current state.
In contrast, the young man in front of them exuded unwavering confidence in the internet, which was particularly rare.
However, Eric Zhang's face changed slightly and stubbornly said, "Hmph, just some statistics. Anyone with determination can find them!"
"I believe the internet is at a key point between the 1.0 and 2.0 eras. A new era is about to begin, and whoever can ride this wave will control the future!" Quintin Fang smiled again without debating further.
The crowd was a bit puzzled. What did he mean by Web 1.0 and Web 2.0? What was he trying to convey?

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