chapter 11 Boy, do you still know me?

by Jayden 10:55,Sep 19,2023
At the same time,
Walking hand in hand for a while, Quintin Fang and Nora Zheng felt a sense of closeness and separated in harmony.
After a moment of silence, Quintin Fang broke the ice, pretending to be surprised, "Ms. Zheng, who was that guy just now?"
"He's the son of a friend of my father, named Xander Zhou. He's been persistently pursuing me, and it's really annoying!"
Nora Zheng's face blushed slightly, and she changed the subject, "Quintin Fang, thank you for earlier."
"Thank me for what? It's my honor to be the shield for Teacher Goddess!" Quintin Fang joked.
Nora Zheng scolded with a smile, "Smooth talker!"
"If I could really talk smoothly, why bother with starting a business? I'd just sit at home and make a fortune spouting wisdom every day!" Quintin Fang humorously replied.
Nora Zheng was amused by his words and laughed heartily, bending over.
"Ahem, Ms. Zheng, mind your image. You're almost falling over!" Quintin Fang said seriously.
Nora Zheng's laughter abruptly stopped. She looked down, blushing, and rolled her eyes at Quintin Fang. After adjusting her clothes a bit, she continued, "Oh, by the way, that Xander Zhou is the president of the student union in our college, and he holds considerable power for you students. Be careful!"
"It's fine!"
Quintin Fang waved his hand and added, "With Ms. Zheng supporting me, what do I have to fear!"
"I won't bother with you!" Nora Zheng rolled her eyes and said, "I have something to do, so I'll leave first."
With that, she turned and walked in the opposite direction of the school.
Quintin Fang stood there momentarily, then turned and leisurely returned to the dorm.
When he arrived at the dorm, Tony Liu and the others were there.
Upon seeing Quintin Fang, they all surrounded him, bombarding him with various questions, asking if Nora Zheng had approached him because of skipping class, or about the school's response, and so on.
Quintin Fang was getting dizzy from the noise, so he raised his hand in surrender and said, "Guys, can you please stop and let me speak."
"Go ahead!" Tony Liu and the others stopped.
Quintin Fang rubbed his head and said, "First, yes, Old Zheng approached me because of skipping class. Second, she didn't report it to the school, so the school hasn't punished me, let alone expulsion!"
"Really? Is it true?" Tony Liu and the others expressed doubt.
Although universities were more lenient in discipline than middle and high schools, occasionally skipping class was unacceptable. You would face severe punishment if you tried missing for ten days or half a month.
Even a minor offense could lead to a disciplinary record, and a major one could result in expulsion.
Quintin Fang retorted, "What's the matter? Disappointed that I wasn't expelled, guys?"
"No!" Tony Liu and the others denied it firmly.
Quintin Fang rolled his eyes, not bothering to argue with them. He changed the topic and said, "Okay, let's talk about something important. Do you guys have any ideas for making some extra money?"
"Make extra money? How?" Vince Sun, the leader, became interested and asked eagerly.
The others were also curious, looking at Quintin Fang.
Quintin Fang cleared his throat and said, "Uh, well, I've started a small company outside. I'm planning to recruit twenty people from Fuda and form a ground promotion team to promote the company's social networking app, Futurix!"
"You started a company?"
Vince Sun and the others were surprised. They were well aware of Quintin Fang's recent changes.
But Quintin Fang is starting a company...
That was something they couldn't believe.
Knowing Quintin Fang's family situation so well as roommates and close friends, he was always tight on money, even hesitating to spend on meals. Did he have the money to start a company?
Moreover, not long ago, Quintin Fang mentioned that his family had a medical emergency and borrowed money from them to handle it.
Although he repaid the money later, a person who borrowed money wouldn't have the means to start a company, right?
The answer was a clear no.
Quintin Fang nodded, "Yes, I started a small company."
"But, where did you get the money?" Tony Liu asked skeptically.
Quintin Fang shrugged, "Last year, didn't I borrow money from you guys? At that time, I said it was for my grandfather's illness, but I actually used that money to invest in stocks and futures."
"Fortune favored me, and I made a profit. That's how I started this small company!"
"How much did you make?" Tony Liu and the others ignored Quintin Fang's past lie and were now curious about how much he had earned.
Quintin Fang cleared his throat and said, "Not much, around three million."
"What! Three million!"
Tony Liu and the others widened their eyes and exclaimed.
As students in Shanghai, they were familiar with the stock and futures markets, but these markets were too ruthless, with unpredictable movements of market makers.
They heard about a company's insider trading being exposed not long ago, and many people were arrested.
In this kind of stock market environment, they lacked the money to invest and the courage to enter.
They never thought Quintin Fang, usually somewhat timid in the dormitory, dared to enter the stock market by borrowing money and making over three million.
That was three million!
Many people wouldn't earn this much in their lifetime!
"Lower your voice,please. Don't let anyone hear!"
Quintin Fang twitched his mouth, inwardly relieved that he didn't say he made ten billion, yet three million still had this effect on them. They might have been shocked into a stupor if he had said ten billion.
Tony Liu and the others immediately kept quiet; they understood the wisdom of keeping one's wealth discreet.
Among them, Tony Liu approached stealthily, three steps to the dormitory door, opened it, looked around, closed the door, came to Quintin Fang, and lowered his voice, "Third, you're not joking, are you!"
"Why would I joke about this?" Quintin Fang rolled his eyes, "Moreover, I approached you all to promote the company's product. If I were to deceive you, wouldn't that be shooting myself in the foot?"
"But this is really hard to believe!"
Tony Liu and the others smiled wryly. Their dormitory friend, usually even poorer than them, had suddenly become a millionaire.
To say it out loud, who would believe it?
Quintin Fang cleared his throat and said, "Believe it or not, it's the truth. Let me ask you one question: do you want to make some extra money?"
"We do, even without pay!" Tony Liu and the others nodded eagerly.
"You'll be paid for this; the company has a budget for promotions!"
Quintin Fang smiled and changed the subject, "However, there's something I need to trouble you guys with."
"Go ahead!" Tony Liu and the others said.
Quintin Fang hesitated with his words, "I want you to bring the people from Zhang Qian's dormitory..."
"Oh, I get it. You want us to make extra money, but mainly you want Skylar Qin to earn extra money, right!" Tony Liu reacted first, elongating his tone.
The others looked at Quintin Fang with suspicious eyes.
Quintin Fang scratched his nose, implicitly agreeing.
He had thought about how to improve Skylar Qin's life subtly.
That was by providing her with some easy, well-paying jobs.
It would allow her to earn money through work without burdening herself mentally and indirectly improve her life.
Most importantly, it wouldn't tire her out.
And this Futurix promotion was just the first step.
After teasing Quintin Fang, Tony Liu said, "Don't worry, I'll take care of this."
"Second, don't tell them about the company; just say it's a friend's company!" Quintin Fang thanked them and added.
Tony Liu was puzzled, "Why? Do you want to do a good deed without taking credit?"
"Don't ask why, just do it this way!" Quintin Fang waved his hand.
Tony Liu and the others agreed and asked Quintin Fang about some stock market details, company situation, and more. It wasn't until just before the afternoon class started that they let Quintin Fang go and headed to class.
After Tony Liu and the others left, Quintin Fang went to the desk in the dormitory and continued writing the plan he hadn't finished at the company.
As time passed slowly...
After an unknown amount of time, Quintin Fang had just finished organizing the plan and stretched when someone suddenly kicked the dormitory door open.
Immediately, three carefree young men walked in, arrogantly saying, "Who's Quintin Fang?"
"That's me!" Quintin Fang furrowed his brow and replied calmly.
"Come with us; someone's looking for you!"
One of the young men, the leader, had just spoken when the other two came forward to grab Quintin Fang.
Quintin Fang raised an eyebrow, pushing away the two people grabbing him, and said firmly, "It's Xander Zhou who sent you, isn't it!"
"You know and still ask, come with us!" the lead young man sneered.
"No need to trouble; I'll go with you myself!"
Quintin Fang pushed away the two people holding him and walked directly outside.
Hmph, quite arrogant! Offending Young Master Zhou, let's see how smug you'll be later!
The three recognized each other and sneered, following him coldly.
Not long after, they left the dormitory building, and the three men, with Quintin Fang in tow, arrived at a secluded area of the school campus.
When the four appeared, a dark figure suddenly flew toward Quintin Fang.
Quintin Fang instinctively dodged, and a basketball flew toward him with force. It missed him, but the airflow from the basketball brushed past his face.
Looking ahead, Quintin Fang saw four burly young men in basketball uniforms surrounding a bespectacled Xander Zhou, wearing a suit and leather shoes, approaching them.
One of the young men in the basketball uniform looked frustrated because the basketball had missed Quintin Fang.
"Kiddo, do you still recognize me?"

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